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Review: Blue Bunny Frozen Mini Treats July 14, 2011

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Once again I was contacted by the kind folks at Blue Bunny to see if I’d want to try out their new Sweet Freedom sugar free, snack size yummy treats. I did not say no!

They arrived in a carton of dry ice. Sadly, Juniorette was not here to play with it and conduct science experiments to her heart’s delight like last time. This time, we have learned to actually read the instructions and Let the Product Thaw For One Hour before consuming. (last time we almost broke our teeth!)

These little products, a mini ice cream cone and a mini ice cream sandwich (chocolate and vanilla) were tested by me, my mother and Mr. McBody. My personal favorite was the ice cream sandwich. I am a BIG fan of ice cream sandwiches of all kinds, but the very small portion size really won me over. It’s just two or three bites. One, it’s cute, and two, it doesn’t do too much damage. Also, the sugar free aspect is a winner for me. Combination of that AND the small portion kept my blood sugar from getting whacky. NICE COMBO.

Mom loved the little ice cream cones. “So cuuuute!” she said. I saw her going back for seconds.🙂

Bottom line: Thumbs up (paws up?) for the Blue Bunny. I actually liked these treats more than the original ones. I recommend!


10 Responses to “Review: Blue Bunny Frozen Mini Treats”

  1. Fab Kate Says:

    I just recently discovered the Sweet Freedom product line… though I’ve only tried a couple of things. LOL Sweet Freedom needs to send ME treats to review! They’re one of the few ice cream product lines that has low enough sugar that I can eat it… and it TASTES SO DARN GOOD!

  2. They gave Blue Bunny ice creams at my school one day…I was addicted!

    It helped very much during finals week.😀

  3. Oh, today I wrote about ice cream too! I know I would love these; I’ve had many of their yummy treats in the past. But I have no self-control with stuff like this:(

  4. Kris M Beal Says:

    oh man – an icecream sandwich? takes me back to my happy days of my childhood🙂 and grandma’s freezer🙂 mmmmmm!

  5. OOOH..wish we could get these in Canada, they sounds perfect!!! LOVE the photo of your Mom! Have a great day.

  6. Have a great camp week, Foodie! You’ll do great!

  7. bethlin Says:

    so excited! i love my some blue bunny sugar-free things…but lately i’ve been “discovering” that regular size is not really what i usually want or need. i eat more than i want because that is the size the ice cream (or whatever it is I’m eating) is served in. i can’t wait to try the smaller serving sizes!

  8. Sarah Says:

    Those are so cute! I love the built in portion control! Yay!!

  9. merri Says:

    Sugar free ice cream sandwiches?! Where do they sell these? Whole foods?

  10. […] Review: Blue Bunny Frozen Mini Treats ( […]

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