Tomorrow morning I will be taking off for the weeklong family camp that I have directed for the past 7 years. This is such an enormous undertaking I can barely even describe it. It is overwhelming, exciting, thrilling, exhausting, emotional, fun, fulfilling, moving, stressful. It is the culmination of a year’s work. I am both excited and nervous (as usual).

One year (before 2009!), I gained ten pounds during the week of camp. It was high stress, and I was just snarfing down the Sloppy Joes and cookies like there was no tomorrow. I’ve now had two summers of “healthy mindful camp” and I just want to keep that up this year. I know that when I get back I will begin my triathlon training and I am excited about that. I don’t want to stress too much. I’m bringing handweights and some workout DVDs and my running shoes of course, but my DirectLife monitor told me that I was expending well over 100% of my daily target just running around.

I doubt I’ll have the chance to blog much while I’m gone. I haven’t even had the chance to line up any guest posts. Don’t go away on me people, I’ll be back and blogging like a madwoman when I return on July 23rd and go to my Team in Training Kick-Off Day! Woot!!!

P.S. See if you can “find Foodie” in the picture above from last year’s camp. Click to enlarge!