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Hello, Day One April 6, 2011

Filed under: #7daychip — Susan @ 11:23 am

My long-running (38 and 31 days) goal chips both broke yesterday and I am looking at Day Ones for both of them (probably tomorrow).

How did this happen? Well, for the no-sugar one, it was like this. Friend and I went to awesome restaurant for lunch. I Tweeted about how excited I was to be there and try there awesome mac and cheese (<< only thing on the menu!). While I was eating lunch, I receive a Tweet FROM THE RESTAURANT saying, “When are you coming in? Say hello!” I Tweeted back, “In the red chairs!” Allison, ย the fabulous owner of Homeroom, came out and we chatted ย a bit, both of us swooning over the yummy lunch. She then brought us a piece of peanut butter pie. As a present. OMG.

I ate two teeny tiny bites, each the size of a kidney bean. They were exquisite. Amazing. One of the best desserts I have had IN MY LIFE. Then I whispered, “You didn’t see that.”

But you know, that’s the point of #7daychip. If you’re not gonna be honest, there’s no point at all.

I was wearing my exercise clothes. I wore them all day. But by evening I still had a huge to-do list for my trip TODAY, and my throat began feeling like glass shards, and by 10pm I knew it was not going to be one of those days in which I jumped on the elliptical late at night. I was completely spent. And then I knew it was over.

I don’t feel terrible about it. I knew this day would come eventually. It’s okay. I’m not going to stress about trying to exercise today (travel day). I’m going to start anew when I get to my destination (tomorrow). It will be a new day.


10 Responses to “Hello, Day One”

  1. tj Says:

    Days like that happen. I like that you are moving on and not letting it bother you.๐Ÿ™‚ Can we really say NO to a gift of pie? Peanut Butter pie at that!๐Ÿ™‚ I think enjoying something in moderation is acceptable, I mean come on 2 kidney bean bites isn’t going to make you a failure right? Movin on… have a safe trip…excited to hear where you end up!๐Ÿ™‚

  2. rantsofaloser Says:

    I commend you for your honesty. I love, too, that you have the ability to not let this get to you. ‘Perfection,’ I’m assuming, was not part of your goals – and shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s goals. These moments help us remember that we are only human, and in that, we must live. I hope the PB pie was DELICIOUS, and I hope you had a great travel day. Keep it up and, again, thank you for your honesty. It’s inspiring.๐Ÿ™‚

  3. june E. Says:

    Wll, kudos for not eating a huge piee of pie – I would have. And, maybe dumb question, but are the chips real things? If it is like AA, I kinda want to go.

    • Tara Says:

      They are not real in the sense that I have a physical chip in my pocket that I can pull out and look at to remind myself why I do the #7daychip challenges.

      However they are real in the sense that just like the actual AA chip it reminds me that there is a support system just 140 characters away when I need it.

      It is much like AA in support. We just don’t go to meetings and pass around the basket at the end…

    • chspooner Says:

      The 7daychip is VERY real and VERY awesome!!! Join us on twitter!

  4. The chips aren’t real (yet) though I would imagine that they will be one day soon. Tara has already given a great explanation of the chip so all I’ll say is that it has been an incredible motivator for me…I like posting the chips on my blog, but I LOVE knowing that if I’m feeling bad about something…or if I feel like I’m on the edge (about to jump into a dark, junk-food laden) ocean there’s someone there who will remind me that I matter more than that. It’s so much more than a physical chip.

  5. Colleen Says:

    Chips are as real as you make them to be. Come join us on the chip quest. It is a daily reminder for me to practice self control and learn the mental aspect behind why I am eating what I am eating.

  6. terrepruitt Says:

    Beautiful picture find.

    You are so awesome. Yay you. You accomplished a great goal.

  7. Marla Says:

    Congratulations for making it as far as you did! Could I give up sugar for that long? Hell no. You are an inspiration to all us 7DayChippers out there.

  8. Jane Says:

    It is not a matter of perfection of moderation. It is a matter of honest and integrity. You have shown you have both. Kudos!

    When I manager sends over something I do not have on my plan today (wine, dessert, etc) I send my thanks and regrets that I cannot partake – but that I would be thrilled if they would allow me to share it with someone at the next table. A gift that keeps giving.


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