I’ve realized recently that my life this past two years has been an interesting experiment. I’ve been both guinea pig and scientist as I’ve tried to pay attention and understand how my mind and body work. ┬áIt’s been a dynamic process. Things change, and I change, and nothing ever really stays the same for long.

A few things I’ve observed, though:

  • If I stay away from my scale for more than 3-4 days, it means that I’m in avoidance and/or denial, and there is probably trouble brewing. If things are going well, I weigh myself every day and even if it fluctuates by several pounds, I don’t fret about it. If I don’t want to look, that means it’s bad news.
  • I need accountability. Even the most “imaginary” accountability works for me. When I was doing the #7daychip, I took it very seriously. I made a promise to myself, I had chip buddies (hey @justjerakah!) and it kept me on track. As soon as I wasn’t officially doing the #7daychip anymore, guess what? My workouts came to a dead screeching halt.
  • That’s why I am soooooooooooo excited about joining Team in Training again after 12 years. I’m going to have a coach! and a group! and a schedule! UBER accountability!
  • Some foods just send me right over the edge into can’t-stop-eating land. Recently it was peanut butter. It went into the trash. Then it was trail mix. ACK! That’s going into trash as soon as I go home today. CANNOT HAVE in the house.
  • My eternal Achilles heel is going to be stress/emotional eating and I really need to put as many resources I can into addressing this. Sometimes I can deal with it in appropriate ways, and sometimes it trips me up. Keep it on the to-do list.
  • In general, I’m not great at working out by myself. If I’m not being accountable to someone else, I often will break dates with myself. Ditto re the team in training- YAY.
  • I continue to thrive with my relationship with Weight Watchers. It’s good for me to enter that conversation with 30+ people every week.
  • Things continually change, and I have to continually Pay Attention and change things up as well. Change is good.
And those were my scientific conclusions of the day!
What have you learned about yourself on your (cough) (for lack of a better word) Journey?