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Fitbloggin’ Local Comes to NorCal! July 10, 2011

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Today was Fitbloggin‘ World Meetup Day – what a great idea! It’s hard for many people (especially in California) to get all the way to Baltimore for the BIG Fitbloggin’ so Roni has come up with this fabulous idea of local meetups everywhere. Today was the day that people met all over the country at their various spots. I had volunteered to host and organize our Northern California meetup. My idea was to make it a mini-replica of Fitbloggin – a combination of activity and learning about blogging.

We started out in the morning with a hike at Redwood Regional Park, a few blocks from my house. We chose to drive up the steep hill and leave the walking part for the trails. It was a beautiful day that had started out foggy but was perfect for the walk.

We got back to the house right at noon. LUNCHTIME! Yum! Everyone brought the most amazing food, and then people set to doing what food bloggers do. This is my favorite picture.

The food was so amazing!


fruit & marshmallow! dip!


shrimp ceviche!


vegan pasta & barley salads!


angel food cake with cream cheese frosting


strawberry pie, lemon bars & nutella banana muffins!


how on earth to choose???

After lunch we had a great presentation by Danica at Danica’s Daily – “Taking Your Blog to the Next Level.” It was inspiring and informative and helped me get over my feeling of having missed a lot of the great bloggy talks at Fitbloggin.

After the fabulous blog talk, some people had to leave but a small group stayed around to have a private Nia demonstration class by Terre, wonderful Nia instructor. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Special shout-out to Sue W who provided all of our tech support – helping us be able to see Danica’s powerpoint on the big screen, and helping us with Terre’s Nia music (even if it ultimately didn’t connect!). It was a huge public service!

Other shout-out to Annelies of Attune Foods who brought us bags of amazing goodies, from chocolate bars (MMMMMM) to fancy storage bowls to coupons and cereal and wow!

All in all it was a fabulous day with great people. I love the idea of Fitbloggin Local and can’t wait wait for the next one!

Who was here?

Front row: Sue W @way2wild, Yvonne (“friend of blogger”)

Second Row: Courtney (@courtpancakes), Terre (@helpyouwell), ME, Ashima (@healthyengy), Danica (@danicasdaily)

Top Row: Annelies (@attunefoods), Deb (@debroby), Tracey (@tjstestkitchen), Marlene (@marbaird), Melissa (@sfmelissa)

Courtney, livetweeting?

Deb, Marlene & Annelies


15 Responses to “Fitbloggin’ Local Comes to NorCal!”

  1. Hurray for Fitbloggin’ meetups! That spread of food is outta control! My recap of our Cleveland one is going up tomorrow morning. It was fun to get everyone together for a 5K.

  2. Kris M Beal Says:

    AWESOME! LOVE the pic of you guys all taking pix – PRICELESS! I had no idea the tech side was part of it! Soooooooo cool – thanks Susan for the update and hosting and love!

  3. Thank you so much for hosting, it was such a great day!

    Oh and I totally copied the “who was there” part, if you don’t mind!

  4. It was a great first meet up. Thanks to everyone who participated and especially to McFoodie for hosting.

  5. What great photos. Why did I not even think to take photos of the great food Whole Foods hooked us up with a great kale salad. Looks like you west coast gals had a great time!

  6. terrepruitt Says:

    Wahoooo! Thanks. It was great fun. I really appreciate being invited. I am still bummed that I was so late. I am grateful to Sue for taking me out to the freeway. I am looking at my directions now and I see how I got lost. I skipped a step so I was looking for an exit that did not exists where I was.

    Anyway, thank you for inviting me and Nia. Thank you for posting everyone’s name and twitter handle.

    It was great to see you!

  7. Thanks so much for posting… and hosting! I had such a wonderful time.

  8. PS I absolutely was livetweeting.

  9. Bethany Says:

    Amazing! I’d love to join in the next one! I’ve been away from blog land for a bit and I missed so much. Especially this amazing meetup right near me! You rock for hosting!!!


  10. Anneliesz Says:

    Saturday was such a fun day with such awesome bloggers! Thanks for hosting Foodie.

  11. […] Fitbloggin’ Local Comes to NorCal! […]

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