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Update: Project Consistency March 16, 2011

photo credit: nayski via Flickr

Less than a month ago, I made a decision that I was going to try and make exercise a more regular, consistent part of my life rather than just trying to jam it into the weekends. I made the decision that I was going to start working out a minimum of 30 minutes a day, come hell or high water.

The first week I was ON. I felt like I did not want to exercise after dinner and so I often ended up exercising DURING dinner, while everyone else ate. That worked okay, but I realized I did not want to eat separately from my family indefinitely. I was going to have to start something different. Reluctantly, I started working out much later at night – often starting close to 9:00pm or after. A few times, I ended up in bed, cold, tired and really wanting nothing more than to go to sleep. But then I started getting Tweets like this:

Brad Gansberg
BradGansberg @foodiemcbody Just get on the darn ellipitical and get it over with. It only hurts before you get started. After it is all good. GO NOW
BradGansberg @foodiemcbody Go kick some ass.
gettinfitbritt @foodiemcbody you got this!!!
despite myself
MY2Thrive @foodiemcbody you can do it! get up get up get up!!!
gettinfitbritt @foodiemcbody get up girl and shake yo booooootay!!!!!❤#7daychip
AHealthyDad @foodiemcbody you’ve got this, we’re all here for you!! #7daychip
healthyem @foodiemcbody do it!!!!!! claim day 13!!!!!! come on, lady! #7daychip
Can you SEE? Can you see how motivating and irresistible it is when you have people like this in your ear, 24/7? No matter WHEN I wanted to whine and say “not today,” there was my healthy community, every day, nudging me on to health.
Today, I finished my 18th day of consistent, daily, at-least-30-minutes of exercise. Most often it was the garage elliptical, because it involved no commuting. And it showed me that no matter how little time I think I have, I always have 30 minutes.
One night, I started using streaming Netflix movies on my iPhone to get through the workout. And a few times I went on for 65, 69 and once even 99 minutes. Because I couldn’t tear myself away.
I watched FatHead. Which everyone HAS TO GO WATCH and then come back and discuss with me!
Then I watched DisFIGURED. Which is hands down one of the most emotionally INTENSE movies I have ever seen. Everyone please GO WATCH and then come back and discuss with me!
The last time I started watching a movie, it was so moving and powerful I stopped after 30 minutes then started it up again on the laptop so I could watch “Which Way Home” with Mr. McBody. SO SAD but so… just wow. (yeah, go watch it too!)
It feels like it’s falling into place now. I’m learning – I’m teaching MYSELF – that there is truly no such thing as “not enough time.”
After this post, I decided to start a second #7daychip devoted to improving my blood glucose. One, by testing my blood more often (minimum 2-3x per day) and two, by taking added sugar out of my life. I had been slipping in the candy-drawer arena, and I knew I was just eating “a little something sweet” just a bit too often. It was showing up in much higher BG numbers which I hadn’t really realized since I’d slacked on testing as well.
So now I’m on day 10 of regular blood glucose testing and no sugar. This has not been easy. But it’s been do-able. I am doing it. I can do it. I just put a barrier down between myself and sugar. I say, “This is not for me (for now).” I can’t say Forever, but I say for now. In some ways it’s easier than just eating a “little bit.”
One thing that is helping so much is that in addition to the whole #7daychip “family,” I also have buddies who started their goals on the same day as me. Terri is my 30-minute-exercise buddy (she has her own goal). We greet each other day and encourage each other to add another day to our chip. Often she reminds me what “day” it is. (because it’s easy to lose track!) Jerakah is my blood glucose/no sugar buddy. We are on Day 10 and we are unstoppable.
#30Day Chip, I’m coming for you.

8 Responses to “Update: Project Consistency”

  1. yay! glad to help:~) also, i just added disfigured to my queue last night, but haven’t watched it yet.

  2. Miz Says:

    sososososo true about it only hurting before you get started.
    Im stealing that and using against myself when I need it.

  3. Good for you. I am SO jealous. You’re totally right – there’s no such thing as ‘not enough time!’ We all make things for the things that matter. I find that in the winter I am just so LAZY. Walking outdoors is off the table, and bundling up to head out to the gym just seems like SO much effort. But spring is near. It’ll be easier then!

  4. merri Says:

    I saw fathead and really enjoyed it. Disfigured was only ok & I barely remember it. Didn’t see the last one.

  5. That’s what I LOVE about this blogging community! We’ve always got each other’s backs!🙂

    And it looks like I have some movies to watch!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  6. Brittany Says:

    yayyyy🙂 proud of you! And thanks for motivating me🙂 LOVE YOU!

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  8. […] on day 35 of my 30-minutes-of-exercise chip and day 26 of my no-sugar chip. I’ve got to say. Having gotten to my 30th day of consistent […]

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