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Healthy Steps Giveaway: Nifty Tools for Healthy Eating! March 14, 2011

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mmm... citrusy water!

I recently had the good fortune of receiving some very nifty tools from the folks over at Healthy Steps. They sent me some cool serving utensils and also a water infuser, to make water taste yummy and interesting. The water infuser is basically a ball that snaps open, allowing you to put in whatever you want. I put it some tangerine and some Meyer lemon and then popped it into a pitcher of ice water. You can also put in cucumber, mint leaves, strawberries – whatever you can think of to give your H20 a hint of flavor.

Pretty much every spa I have ever gone to serves “fancy water.” It just gives it something special. I have no idea why it never occurred to me to do this at home, but the water infuser has now gotten me inspired. We all need to drink a good amount of water and I am probably among the guiltiest for not really doing this enough. Having fresh fancy water could really help me with this goal.

I also received some nifty serving utensils. They are designed to help you serve up the appropriate servings of food. There’s a protein spatula thing that is just about the same size as the ubiquitous “deck of cards” serving for proteins. There’s a biggish scoop for “vegetables” and a mediumish scoop for “starch.” (<<< I actually thought this word was kind of old school) It doesn’t have an amount like “half cup” or “cup” but it’s just a visual reminder – “This is about right.”

I have been given the opportunity to give away TWO (!) sets of these cool kitchen tools to my awesome blog readers. All you have to do is leave a comment for me here – tell me what you’d flavor YOUR water with – and go to Healthy Steps’ Facebook page. “Like” them and then write a post on their page telling them you came from @Foodie McBody’s giveaway on  A few words about how much you’d love to try their cool tools probably won’t hurt either! Please RT and spread the word!

Copy and paste this to Twitter:  GIVEAWAY on @foodiemcbody’s blog: Nifty Tools for Healthy Eating Please RT!

Deadline: April 1, 2011 Good luck!!!!!!!


these could be sitting in YOUR kitchen soon!


9 Responses to “Healthy Steps Giveaway: Nifty Tools for Healthy Eating!”

  1. beckera Says:

    oh.. Limes– I love key lime flavored water. It’s my preferred version of water anytime I actually buy bottled water

  2. Emily Says:

    I’m already a fan of their page on Facebook, but I’ll let them know how much I REALLY want to win these nifty tools!!!

    I assume you could use the infuser to infuse flavors into brewed iced tea as well, huh?

  3. darladawn12 Says:

    Giveaway: Nifty Tools for Healthy Eating wow thanki think i really love to use this . i love fruits but cant have strawberry but i do other fruits but not banana wow that so sweet of you all share giveways and i just craft month and being onlline make me very happy i come from
    came from @Foodie McBody’s giveaway on

  4. I would use cucumbers, lemons, limes and maybe even grapefruit!!

  5. If I win one of these, I am so popping a clementine in it first thing.🙂

  6. Ashley Says:

    I would throw in cucumbers and mint. Sounds incredibly refreshing and fancy!!

  7. terrepruitt Says:

    Awesome!!! Awesome tools!! And awesome that you get to give them away! AND it is sooooo awesome that these very tools are helpful for things I need to work on! Oh yes, I need to work on drinking lemon water. I do not like lemon in my water, but water with lemon in it has a better pH value and I am having to think about that at this time! And portion control!!!! That is one of my MAJOR brick walls! Ya know? One of those things you KNOW but tend to “forget”/ignore/deny/(whatever) when serving up some of that yummy rice/potatoes/Mac n cheese!

    Since lemon is not my favorite but I need the result I would put lemon and different things in the ball, as you mentioned cucumber. I might try apple, grapes, ginger, and maybe pineapple—not all together.

    Now off to FB and twitter!

  8. […] b&#1077 sitting &#1110n YOUR kitchen soon! …Follow th&#1110&#1109 link: Healthy Steps Giveaway: Nifty Tools f&#959r Healthy Eating … Tags: eating, healthy-eating, kitchen-soon, nifty, nifty-tools, twitterRelated PostsFig Food(TM) […]

  9. Emily Says:

    I have previously “Liked” them on Facebook, but I did go over and leave a message! I would love to win the of the kitchen tools!

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