Today I did this “mountain” treadmill interval workout that Junior taught me, that she learned at Fitness Ridge. I swear, I have not had any workout produce THIS MUCH SWEAT ever. It’s incredible!! And I thought I’d share it because it’s just crazy awesome and also unexpectedly both hard and not hard.

Get on treadmill. Warmup at level incline (0) for five minutes. Whatever pace you like.

Then crank up the incline to whatever feels like “medium-hard” to you. Last week, I started at level 6. Today I started at 8. Go at a good walking pace. For me, I had it at 3.0. Which doesn’t feel like much when you’re on level incline, but when you start cranking the mountain, believe me it’s SOMEthing.

Go for 30 seconds. When your timer hits the :30 mark, hit the + incline. It will go up .5 to the next level. (ie, 8.5). Now you’re going up the mountain! EVERY 30 seconds, hit it again. Until you’ve gotten to the “top.” (for me, 15) Stay at the “top” (aaaghhhhhhhhhhh!) for one full minute. Then hit the (-) button so it just goes down 5. (ie, to 14.5). Keep going down every 30 seconds until you reach your starting incline level (ie, 8). Now you’re going down the mountain!

Then do it all over again!

If you climb two mountains in 30 minutes, that is a KILLER CRAZY SWEAT-PRODUCING workout. It’s awesome. AWESOME, I tell you.

Just thought I’d share that. Because it’s one of my new favorite workouts. Now to shower! Man, I need it.