Email I got from Coach Jen from DirectLife after I wrote to her explaining my recent big dip in activity, the day that I burned more activity AT work than the day I worked out, and my 9 mile run that resulted in a 202% activity burst on Sunday…

This is why I love her! Enough said?  THIS is worth the price of the little plastic necklace, and more!!! (bold emphasis mine)

Hi there super star,

That run really was off the charts – nicely done!

I love that you appreciate the nudging. It was really to check in with
you because you seem to be really on top of your health and routine
and self, so it was a bit of a surprise to see your activity decrease.
I now know that you have been working a lot, which all makes sense.
Susan, I think it’s always important to recognize that life has its
ebbs and flows and that the best thing to do is to ride with the wave.
It is always ok to write to me to let me know that you are having a
tough time balancing things, or that you know you are headed into a
heavy couple of weeks of work, and that realistically it’ll be tough
to hit the target. We can adjust it. Or, if you are happy hitting 5 of
the 6 lights to get 100%, there is no need to actually change the
target and you can just mentally adjust what you are aiming for.

Now this is not an opportunity to slack off and take a break. What it
is, is recognizing where you are at, what is realistic for you and
being ok with that. The reason that I am writing this is because I
want you to also recognize that you don’t have to be pedal to the
metal all the time, especially because this can lead to burn out.

Also, you learned a great lesson that day that you were super active
at work and got in more activity than a day that you actually worked
out. In the future, if you know that you won’t be able to fit in a
workout, how can you recreate that sort of day so that you keep up
your activity levels?

As always, it is great to hear from you and I wish you a fantastic day
and some great activity/rest and well deserved relaxations days ahead
of you.