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(Almost) Back in the Saddle December 7, 2009

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People, I must confess: it has been NINE DAYS since my last workout! Yikes!! I did do some (minor) walking around over the weekend, but it wasn’t like heavy exertion or anything. I was pooped. Wow.

And I can really feel the effect of my body slowly turning to mush. Amazing how quickly these things can change. And once again I have this slightly phobic feeling about exercise… will it hurt? Will it be too hard? Will I feel inadequate and discouraged? Yeah, that’s where my mind goes. That’s where it used to go ALL THE TIME in the past, allowing me to put off working out for months, sometimes even years. Fear.

When really I know how much better it makes me feel. And yet there is a big part of me that just feels afraid. How wacko is that. I don’t really understand it, but there you go.

I miss the way I feel when I’m working out a lot (the endorphins) but right now I’m not missing doing it, the way I do when I miss a day or two. I’ve passed that point. And so now I need to give myself a big heave-ho to get back up there again.

Yup, these were the two things I was afraid of: illness and injury. I’d say illness is worse because it totally took away my desire and turned it to fear. When I was injured, I still really wanted to work out and so I found my way around it.

Being sick sucks.


5 Responses to “(Almost) Back in the Saddle”

  1. jadepark Says:

    you can do it! it’s hard, but you know what? start with a sort of easy workout, and halfway through it, you’ll LOVE it again.

  2. KnK Says:

    i getcha 100%. i’ve been sidelined by a minor injury and a couple of back to back illnesses that have resulted in ZERO motivation and a major backslide in fitness (and form).

    i’m resolved to get it together, but it so much harder when you’re off the wagon!

  3. Sue D. Says:

    I was sick a lot over the summer and also on my summer break from work, so not near the gym where I usually work out. At a certain point, I had to let go of my expectations, and so for 6 weeks, basically, I didn’t do much. (Admittedly, I was sick in one way or another for 4 of those 6 weeks.) But I decided that it wasn’t worth stressing about and that I’d gone in and out of exercise routines before and could do it again. At the same time, I also felt myself getting a bit mushy and didn’t want to continue down that path. The first couple of weeks back in the gym were hard–I had to scale down what I was used to doing–but it didn’t take that long for my stamina and strength to come back (a few weeks of regular workouts, I think). I think the fact that you’ve been in shape will help you. I’d say just be nice to yourself about it, and you’ll be fine. The endorphins will come back and they’ll chase away the fear.

  4. biz319 Says:

    Sorry you’ve been sick! I didn’t work out over the weekend and I could feel it yesterday in my run!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. nutellamama Says:

    Yay! You are great! Sticking to it and getting back to it despite all the fear. My inspiration Foodie McBody! And guess what? I even got my teenager to go jogging with me on Sunday (one whole mile) AND then…wait for it…she went by herself yesterday! Thanks for sharing your ups and your downs. All are so helpful to so many of us.

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