I’ve been using my Philips DirectLife activity monitor for about five months now, which is great for me, in terms of committing to a gadget. I’d also tried a BodyBugg and various pedometer things, and gave up on those fairly quickly. But I find the little white necklace of the DirectLife so easy to wear, that it’s become automatic.

One of the best, no, THE best thing about the DirectLife is the coaching that goes with it. By now so many of us have “met” Coach Jen and she is awesome! She is encouraging, she is inquisitive, she pushes when I want pushing, she backs off. But last week I got this message from her.

How is your week going? I notice that your activity is lower than
before – well, not hitting targets. Are you OK. Happy with the targets
as they are? Is there anything that I can do to help? Harrass you
everyday with emails? Give you new tips on daily activity? Let me know


She was right. I was so busted! Except for a couple of huge spikes like the day of my 6 mile run, I was NOT hitting my activity targets, something I’d managed to uphold for all these months! Suddenly I was feeling so tired, and could not for the life of me get my activity level over 50 or 60%. (my personal goal was to have my activity at LEAST hit 90% every day, and 100% average for the week) But working more, and… it just wasn’t happening.

I still haven’t remedied the situation. But that little “uh-oh” in my email Inbox woke me up and showed me that someone else is paying attention. Suddenly I want to figure it out. Today is a lazy, rainy day. It would be so easy to just… do nothing. But I’m re-inspired to get my little white necklace shaking so I can show Jen some good numbers this week.