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On the Road May 9, 2009

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Sorry I haven’t posted a more upbeat post since my last downer. I’m doing a lot beter now! I’ve been traveling with my daughter’s crew team – they are at their regional championships this weekend and I am in charge of all travel details: hotels, dinners for 300, etc! so I’ve been a busy bee.

I’ve been really so busy that I forgot my blood testing kit. I am hoping that I’m OK but I feel good and I just have to trust that I’m not going out of control. I have to say it’s kind of a relief to be without the thing for a few days and to let myself feel a little “normal.” Of course, I don’t have a scale either and it is really nice to have an escape from the numbers for a little while. I contemplated going to a WW meeting while here – my normal meeting day is Saturday- but I think I will wait till I’m home on Monday.

Did I tell y’all I went to that WW leader recruitment meeting last week? It was interesting. I think I’m gonna go for it. I love and miss teaching (I’ve been teaching writing since 1994 but recently have not been teaching so much and I miss it). I have a formal interview with the regional director of WW on Tuesday. I’ve been thinking a lot about how teaching writing and teaching healthy living/weight loss are similar, or could be, or here is my pitch about why I think I’d be a goood WW leader!  So many people say they’ve “always wanted to write” but don’t believe they can.  Same with weight loss/healthy lifestyle, right?  Well I know I’ve been very capable of breaking things down for beginning writers, to help them feel excited and successful very soon. I am really good at validating peoples’ positive efforts and for showing them what they are doing right. I think so many of these same things are important in weight loss. So I hope it works out. We shall see.

I’ve been running a bit along the lake where the races are being held. Both yesterday and today I noticed that the first 10 minutes or so of a run are killer. I am full of pain – my groin, my feet, my shin, and I’m out of breath. It pretty much feels awful. And then BAM, after I hit the 11th minute or so, ALL of my pains just VANISH, my breathing is easy, and the running truly feels effortless. I feel like I could go on forever. Yesterday I ran about 35 minutes, and today around 25, and walked a bunch. Both times the same thing happened.

Anyway, busy times around here. Tonight, Chevy’s is catering dinner at our race site for 300. I am not worried about it at all, in fact I am excited about it. Things have really changed.


4 Responses to “On the Road”

  1. It’s interesting that you comment on belief in being able to lose weight. I’ve been thinking about that and wondering if belief makes a difference. I’ve always thought belief follows actions, but sometimes “belief” feels like it could have more power. . . silly sounding I know. . .like my body would hold on to fat because I don’t believe it will leave. . . just goes to show how mysterious and out of control it feels to me, I guess.

    I can never imagine running at all, let alone a 5K so good for you! You certainly don’t look 50. I have found in the past though with walking that the first 10 or 15 min sucks and if you can just push past that it gets better.

  2. That crew team stuff sounds like a lot of work! Whoa.

    I think you will be a great WW leader and think you should go for it! Inspire more people.🙂

  3. biz319 Says:

    Happy belated Mother’s Day! I wouldn’t worry about not having your test kit for a few days – you’ll be fine!

    I am the same way with running. I start out and I think to myself “why am I even doing this!” and then I get in my stride and all is well!

  4. […] Please be informed and intelligent and relevant, and not treat your members like preschoolers. Foodie McBody is currently going through the Weight Watchers leader application process. She is thoughtful, […]

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