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Taking the #100daychipquest on Vacation April 1, 2011

Photo credit: Lasse C via Flickr

I’m on day 35 of my 30-minutes-of-exercise chip and day 26 of my no-sugar chip. I’ve got to say. Having gotten to my 30th day of consistent exercise has been… challenging. And it’s not like it’s getting any easier. Every day. Here we go. But I am doing it, I’m super psyched I’m doing it and I know it’s a great thing to do.

My other challenge, the no-sugar challenge (I define this as someone I recently saw posted as “no obvious sugar”) – no candy, cookies, cupcakes (wahhh) or other things that are obviously “sweets” – is going really well. So well in fact that I’ve almost forgotten it. It’s been pretty easy, after the first few days when I kept ‘forgetting’ – to just eliminate that stuff. It’s easier to eliminate than cut back, I think. But I’m also trying to cut back on carbs in general.

The reason I’m eliminating is to get my blood glucose down to the level I want it at. What level do I want? Well, I’ll tell ya. Last week I went to my endocrinologist, and before that I had to get my blood drawn. One of the most important lab values a diabetic person pays attention to is their A1C levels. Which is a measure of their blood glucose over a period of THREE MONTHS. So you can’t really game it and be good the last few days or week. It’s a long period.

My previous A1C level was 5.8 I believe. And the one from last week was 6.0. Which is not DREADFUL but I saw this on my lab slip:

  • <5.7: decreased risk of diabetes
  • 5.7-6.0 Increased risk of diabetes
  • 6.1-6.4 Higher risk of diabetes
  • > or = 6.5 Consistent with diabetes

When I was first diagnosed, my A1C level was 6.8 (ie, “consistent with diabetes). Since I’ve been working on being healthy, I’ve been only in the “increased risk” range. How I would love to be in the “decreased risk” group! I know the daily activity is really going to help with that.

I have a really special vacation coming up next week. For one, Mr. McBody and I are going away alone together for the FIRST TIME IN TWENTY YEARS. Yeah, you read that right. Well, we’ve been away for overnights before, but this is TEN DAYS. Which is completely unprecedented.

I am excited because I know it will be no problem at ALL getting my 30 minutes of exercise in. We’re going to be walking and exploring all over the place and I am hoping to get some nice runs in.

But the tables will be turned in terms of what challenge is going to be “easier.” This place we’re going to is famous for amazing food. I considered deciding to just go to 30 days with the no-sugar thing, then taking a 10 day hiatus, then stepping back in when I return. But I realized a couple of things:

  1. I want to accomplish my #100daychip goal. Which I can’t if I stop next week.
  2. This is my LIFE. And I really want to accomplish my A1C goal as well. So I think I’m going to enjoy all the amazing savory treats and skip the sweet ones.  I hope I can stay strong!

Tell me: do you change or alter your habits when you go on vacation??


7 Responses to “Taking the #100daychipquest on Vacation”

  1. merri Says:

    Yay have fun on your trip! Well for the past couple months, I’ve been doing the eating just about no sugar thing too. That includes sugar hidden in dinner and lunch foods and random things you’d never know. But I HAVE been eating craisins every day in my lunch sandwich. My roommate started this thing and he is eating none, not cheating at all (I never said I’d do none so those craisins are not cheating) and he’d originally set up a deadline of next fri when we are going on a trip to palm springs. He is keeping at it now though after that. And I have to think, how much of the sugar-less-ness do I want to do? Hmm. Anyway, as to vacation, it depends on the vacation. For longer things, I do try to get to the gym at least once or twice, otherwise I feel bleh. On a long weekend like this one next wkend, esp where I’ll be dancing a lot, def skipping the workout. I prob will end up eating sugar in something, since I have to eat out, but im not going crazy and eating actual desserts or anything, cuz it will prob shock my body & make me feel ill on my vacation. Last nite I passed up thai iced tea because my unused to sugar body would have fallen asleep at the play I was going to. Passed out. That’s what sugar does to me, passes me out, sometimes like a coma, if im not careful. Ew. Good luck keeping up with your goals on your vacation🙂

  2. You’re my hero. I love to workout on vacation, but I wouldn’t give up desserts.😉 It’s awesome that you can appreciate the decadence in other things while continuing the chase your chip.

    Have lots of fun!❤

  3. Tabby Says:

    Have a wonderful time and take the opportunity to eat some gorgeous fruits instead of sweet desserts. There are excellent health benefits to fruits, in moderation, and maybe you won’t feel like you’re missing out entirely! I’ve been off sugar since January, so I’m coming from the perspective of a little further down the road. An apple a day, sometimes a few strawberries and as many blueberries as I can stand are all fine (and blueberries will help with insulin sensitivity! Yay!). For me, it helps to remember that added sugar does all kinds of other damage to my system than screwing with blood sugar – now I’m off it, I’d rather stay off it than get back into that addictive cycle.

  4. Tabby Says:

    That should say “added sugar does all kinds of other damage to my system than JUST screwing with blood sugar”

  5. Coco Says:

    I don’t usually worry about my diet when I’m on vacation, but I do try to make healthy choices when eating out (fish, veggies and fruit) and have an easier time with portion control at nice restaurants. Plus, with no stress on vacation there is no stress-eating! If you are active most of the day – like walking for sight-seeing instead of lounging on the beach – can go a long way to balance out any indulgences. I haven’t had a 10 day vacation ever, unless you count maternity leave, which doesn’t!

  6. Janice Says:

    have LOTS of fun on your well-deserved trip! And big props to you on your #100daychipquest🙂

    well, for the most part, I try to keep my habits, but it’s hard when on vacation. For one, when you travel, certain foods are SO expensive, but at least, yes, sightseeing helps you be more active. Portion control is easier since you have to pay to get more food (lol) whereas at home, there’s more where that came from😛 (I mean like you finish your plate at a restaurant and that’s it. At home, you have the whole box/bag of goodies that’s tempting you right in front of your face)

  7. june E. Says:

    I am sooo impressed. I keep trying to go just a day without sugar and haven’t made it yet. (Which, when I had gestational D. I somehow managed to do out of guilt for the baby.) I think I have to let your will power inspire me!

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