Yesterday was my interview with the WW regional manager. It was actually a group interview, me plus another prospective leader, and also a prospective receptionist.  The interviewer kept apologizing for asking us “dumb and boring questions” which seemed like not a very helpful or professional thing to say, but whatever. I thought it was actually kind of interesting. She’d ask a question and then I’d answer, then person B, then person C. She kept looking at the clock and towards the end started saying, “OK, answer in ONE WORD.” I was like… okay. I think she just wanted to make sure we were not total psychopaths or idiots. Then she had me and the other wannabe leader get up and use the flip chart to talk about the 4 points of the Momentum program. Then we had to pick our favorite WW product and try to sell it to them.

I picked the magazine. Partly because I am a magazine junkie, and partly because I am not familiar with or a huge fan of many of the other products. I think I did OK. She kept saying, “Perfect! Perfect!”

The receptionist person seemed very unhappy. When the interviewer asked us to “What one word would your co-workers use to describe you?” I said, “Enthusiastic.” The other woman said, “Serious.” You’re not kidding, lady. She looked like she was about to get up and throttle someone. The other woman was extremely calm, professional, responsible seeming. She reminded me of Michelle Obama, very cool and unflappable, yet friendly. I felt a little scattered in comparison, but I did have the Enthusiasm thing going for me.

They said they’d get back to me in a week.

I’m finding it all interesting and somewhat amusing. I recently found a blog that detailed the horrible compensation/pay/conditions that WW employees have to endure. That’s no surprise. It’s basically a few millimeters up from a volunteer job. I’m just… curious. I will wait and see how it all pans out. Meanwhile, I think I am going to not tag or categorize these posts regarding this topic. I have the feeling that the Powers That Be over there would not be totally jazzed about me blogging my experiences.

I wore one of my new dresses from The Shopping Spree on the interview. (btw, some of the things I bought on that shopping trip are now too big!) I was feeling all trim and pretty. When I got home, I asked my daughter to take some pics of me. I was stunned that the photos looked NOTHING like what I thought I looked like in the mirror. Not particularly trim and maybe only marginally pretty. Hmph. This whole camera/mirror/real life thing is confusing. What DO I look like? I have no idea.

On to Biggest Loser. I started blogging when the (3 hour!) show came on. I was going to go on and on about how this season of the Biggest Loser has felt so personal to me, because they started when I did, and here we all are, blah blah blah. Of course they all began much heavier than me, and many of them are wayyyyy fitter than me. I have generally cried during each episode of this season.

But as the episode wore on (yawwwwwwwn) I realized that it was boring the poo out of me. It was really nothing more than a 3 hour weigh-in. Blech. I realized that one of the things I love most about BL is watching them do their workouts and challenges. Those things inspire me so much. The weigh-ins and dramatic game stuff, not so much. Ugh.

I was appalled when I saw Helen. She looked so good when they last were on the ranch, wearing this skinny little black outfit. Now she looks emaciated. I was horrified. I read somewhere that she is only one pound over being in the BMI “underweight” category. That seems so wrong. I also read that earlier seasons of the BL calculated winners based on a combo formula of pounds lost/fat percentage lost, but they are now doing strictly pounds. WRONG.

I was so disappointed. I have been such a loyal fan of this show, in spite of its many flaws and mistakes and stupid ideas, but I felt really let down last night. The healthiest, fittest people were not rewarded.  And that seems wrong. Ugh.