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Feedback from the Scale: It’s Just Information April 20, 2009

So my weight was up a few pounds when I got back to my home scale this morning. I’m not completely shocked, and for once not distraught or freaked out over seeing that plus sign. I can attribute it traveling for 3-4 days, eating out every meal, eating in greater quantities, and exercising less. Although I was exhausted from walking around in 90 degree heat, it wasn’t the same as working out. I had two sesssions at the hotel fitness center but not as regular as usual.

I think the thing I am happiest about is that I’m not flipping out. I’m not feeling GUILTY or overly upset. I looked at those numbers and just said, “Hmm. Okay. Now what?”

On Saturday night I went back to the same restaurant as Friday night (with the dieters) – this time it was with a group of other parents, and we all ordered from the menu. The food was awesome.

I had: a glass of wine (first time since my dx – I was experimenting), a bunch of grilled/marinated veggies from antipasti plate (artichokes, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomato), about 4 little fried calamari rings, about 3-4 oz of seared ahi tuna with tomatoes, 3 tiny pieces of potato, a bite of chicken from my hubby’s plate, and… some whipped cream (from the top of the complimentary tiramisu) and blueberries/strawberries.

It was all really really delicious. I enjoyed it a LOT. I was more concerned with my blood sugars than my weight, though, so I took an extra dose of Metformin before going to bed. When I woke up, all was well.

I’m thinking about the two “optional” items I don’t usually get – the wine and the little portion of dessert. Was it worth it? Would I, in the future, choose to forgo those things, or would I do it all again the same way?

Hard to say. I’m going to see how long it takes me to get back down to last week’s pre-trip weight. If it happens fairly quickly,  I’d say it was all worth it. I didn’t pig out, I wasn’t crazily full. If it takes forever (how long is “forever?” two weeks??) then I’ll have to re-evaluate.

So my answer to “now what” is I’m going to eat as mindfully/cleanly as possible, try to step up the exercise a bit this week, and see how it goes.

UPDATE: so it took me exactly 9 days to get back to the pre-trip weight. It wasn’t forever. But of course it takes longer  – a lot longer – to take it off than to put it on.  I’m not upset about this. I don’t think it was “not worth it.” It was just… interesting. (I’m channeling my meditation teacher now: “Just notice.”)


17 Responses to “Feedback from the Scale: It’s Just Information”

  1. Mike Says:

    My mantra is “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” That helps me get through tough times.

  2. Mike, I’ve heard that mantra and have said it myself. But this time I am actually questioning that a bit. Skinny at all costs? Sometimes “being happy feels better than skinny feels.” Of course one could go overboard with that and end up gaining tons of weight, but I’m saying it’s all a balancing act. If SKINNY is the number one goal at all cost, it could end up being just as painful (emotionally) as being fat.

    I dunno. I think the jury’s still out on this one.

  3. Karen Says:

    You and think the same way, Foodie. I am beginning to rethink many of the so-called mantras and to re-write them to fit ME…not everyone else. Anyway, good for you for enjoying your days away and not beating yourself up. When I beat myself up it never helps…never.

  4. Pubsgal Says:

    It’s a tough balance sometimes. I remember that mantra from Weight Watcher days. I think the one that’s worked better for me is, “Success is getting up one more time than you fall down.”😉

    I’ve been listening to the Beck Diet Solution book on CD during my commute, and what Karen says really rings true for me as well. I need to tailor the good stuff in there to fit me, because her word choices tend toward “skinny” and “thin” than “healthy.” Of course, it also does NOT help that the voice of the woman they selected to read the book (not the author) raises my hackles. Poor casting, that’s for sure…I prefer warmth and empathy for a book like that.

  5. somedayistoday Says:

    Be careful drinking on Metformin…

  6. Oh really Someday? I didn’t know. Tell me about that -what’s the danger?

    It was really only 1/2 glass of wine but I am fine to cut out all alcohol.

  7. Pubsgal, I would NEED to have someone with a warm and supportive voice reading Beck, or I couldn’t deal.

    You know, I LOVE Allison Janney but her voice on those Kaiser Permanent “Thrive” commercials really rub me ALL THE WRONG WAY and they make me want to take up drinking, smoking and bacon cheeseburgers every time I hear them!!

    • Pubsgal Says:

      Oh yeah! The Beck reader makes me react in the same way. Thank goodness it was a loan from the library. Although I’m really trying hard to listen for the nuggets of good stuff through the alternating hyper-infomercial/condescending snob tones…made it through disk 1, but I’m not sure if I won’t just chuck it back into the book return before the end of it.

      Re: alcohol, it tends to lower one’s blood glucose readings, but that’s because one’s liver gets diverted from producing glucose to clearing the alcohol from one’s system. The ADA web site has an article about this at I believe it’s not recommended for people on metformin due to potential risk of lows. (That said, I do have a little beer or wine now and then. I’ve found that it lowers my blood glucose, but I do stay in a safe range. Probably because I’m on a relatively low does of metformin.)

  8. jadepark Says:

    Yah be careful drinking on Metformin–bad for your liver. But you are such a light drinker, I’m not particularly worried for you.

  9. I am the lightest of light drinkers, but still, I will keep that in mind.

    • Jade Park Says:

      also large amounts of alcohol with metformin increase risk of lactic acidosis. but i know how much you drink, and again i wouldn’t worry about your small level of intake.

  10. marafaye Says:

    My WW leader always says to not let any emotion come from that “stupid box of springs”…

  11. Tom Rooney Says:

    How about following the “I’m not a number on a scale” method. When you know that you’re at a weight you don’t want to be, you’ll change it. A few pounds on a business trip for a week should not be something you beat yourself up.

    Hang in there Foodie.

  12. It’s good your not flipping out and don’t have Guilt. You’re learning all about moderation.

    And the scale is just a number — and not your self-worth. It will go back down, just trust yourself.

  13. biz319 Says:

    I think anything in moderation is fine – I have red wine in my diet, with no ill effects.

    Love your outlook! 😀

  14. Foodie,

    Posts like these are so helpful to me. . . . Handling the ups and downs of a healthier relationship with food while trying to lose weight is a tricky thing. I know you can do this!


  15. Just started reading your blog after the big compliments I’ve been seeing about you on Twitter. I see why the compliments! I add mine.

    My personal experience re the scale is that I don’t need it to tell me when my lifestyle is a little out of whack, whether it be from a vacation or just not taking care in my regular routine. So I’m happy to have tossed the thing.

    But I always encourage people to do what works for them, being careful that they are really examining whether it works. That probably changes over time, so it’s a matter of staying attuned.

    Look forward to reading more of your journey.

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