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Diabetes: the Snooze Button September 28, 2012

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blood test

Yesterday I went to visit my new endocrinologist. My original, best doctor I’ve ever had left the practice last year and I was pretty bereft about it. I have some major Abandonment Issues, and yeah, I felt abandoned. So I acted out. I stopped testing my blood sugars and I neglected to call the office and get reassigned to a new doctor. I was mad and sad.

But leading up to Fitbloggin’ (that recap post WILL come, I promise!) I was practicing my show, which opens with me sitting in the doctor’s office. Doing this repeatedly reminded me about NOT going to the doctor’s office. I knew I had to stop putting it off. So I made an appointment and yesterday, I went.

The doctor was fine. I didn’t love her, but I didn’t dislike her either. She’s another young, female doc like my other one was. And I think I appreciated that she told it like it was.

“You’re not doing too bad… In fact, many people would kill to have your numbers. BUT…”

“But, things are worse than they were. I don’t like the trend.”

I knew that was going to happen. Which is why I had been avoiding this visit. But by the time it actually came around, I was ready to hear it. I wouldn’t call it a wakeup call exactly. Because I was already awake. It’s like, you’re already awake, and you’ve already hit the snooze button so you can lie there, but you don’t want to get up yet.

That’s been me the last six months or so. Awake, but not ready to get up.

Now I’m ready to get up.

The doctor also said, “Also, your weight. You know that extra fat (pointing at my stomach. OW.) can increase insulin resistance.”

Yeah. Yeah I know. I know! I’m on it, doc. So she gave me a challenge. I need to improve things (weight and blood glucose A1C) by January. Or else. Or else what? She will increase my meds.

She also said, “You know, you probably could get off your meds altogether. If you work at it.” Sting.

So. This is my challenge. January or bust, baby. I know I can do this. I KNOW I CAN. And now post-Fitbloggin and post-everything, I feel ready to do it.


18 Responses to “Diabetes: the Snooze Button”

  1. redstar5 Says:

    There is something about this post-Fitbloggin time that calls for reorganization and “re-mojo-fication”. And if there’s anyone with enough mojo and moxy to make this happen Susan I know its you. I will cheer you and I know you’re in my corner too. I just need to make the leap and make the time to blog out my challenge too. xo

    • Susan Says:

      Re-mojo-fication! I LOVE IT. and yes, I’m in your corner, forever and always. oxox

      • Sarah Says:

        I love it! Re-mojo-fication. That’s exactly what it is. I am always amzed by how sometimes we have it and sometimes we don’t. So hard to hang on when we don’t. Totally get the neglect thing. I’ve pouted too over a doctor leaving a practice. Got me no where but painsville. And even though I knew it I did it anyways. SIgh, we are often our our worst enemy. Rooting for you!

  2. #getafterit, right? You are awesome, inspiring, and you exude joy. Don’t let physical issues get in the way of that light!

  3. terrepruitt Says:

    Yay!!! Good for you!!! Congratulations!!! All your hard work paid off! — Ha, ha, pfffthhhh! On everyone else! I am the first to congratulate you! You see I have seen you in action and I know anything you put your mind to you will do, so, I am saying now what I WILL be saying end of December/beginning of January! You are amazing! For now: YOU GO!

  4. Dawn Says:

    I loved where you said “It’s like, you’re already awake, and you’ve already hit the snooze button so you can lie there, but you don’t want to get up yet” Yea thats me too so often. Reminds me I need to make an appt for my mammogram and kidney scan. Maybe I’m ready now too🙂 thanks for the reminder. I loved your show, reminded me of my aunt. Anyway, I know you can too🙂

  5. Dennis Says:

    She sounds like a pretty good doctor to me. I like how she motivated you to do better. I wish all doctors took that kind of interest in their patients.

  6. karenclanderson Says:

    Hoo boy…I love your awake-but-hitting-the-snooze-button analogy.

    You’ve got this. You’re EPIC!

    And filing “re-mojo-fication” away for future use🙂

  7. Tara Says:

    We KNOW you can too!!!

    How awesome will it be to be off your mess totally!!! And think of all the people that will want to do just what you’ve done by taking control of the controllable.

  8. Wendy Says:

    You go, Susan! Hugs!! I’m on your side!

  9. Susan, I know you can do this! We will be here to support you as you meet this challenge head on.

  10. Patty Says:

    You can so do this! I’m glad you went back to the doctor. Thanks for being the example and for the reminder. I need to make my own doctor appointment🙂

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