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Fitbloggin’ 2012: Beyond Words October 1, 2012

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It’s been a combination of time passing and just being at a loss for words to describe Fitbloggin’ 2012. It was epic. It was wonderful. It was moving. It was inspiring. It was RENEWING.

Last year, I felt like I approached Fitbloggin’ on a high. I felt like a champion. I felt like I belonged there. This year, I sort of slunk in sideways, not quite sure. It’s been a challenging year in many ways and I haven’t been either as fit or as bloggy as I’d like to have been. So I wasn’t sure if I really Belonged.

Which turned out to be such an echoey theme among so many of my friends. And voicing this was what made it amazingly turn around and make it stunningly obvious that this was precisely what meant that we DID belong, absolutely, with each other. The final part of my performance included a (added at the last minute) a bit about being SO nervous about coming to Fitbloggin. About considering breaking my leg so I’d have an “excuse” for my decreased fitness. I crawled under a chair to hide, wondering, “Who cares if I’m here?”

As it turned out, plenty of people cared. And what mattered more, I cared that THEY were there. It really mattered. And when I crawled out from under the chair and off the stage, I knew I belonged.

Dear Clint Eastwood, I started talking to empty chairs on stage before you did. (thanks Patty for the pic!)

It was encouraging. It was sweating together, in ways that made us comfortable, and ways that made us push the limits. I loved the Crossfit workout and the sweaty jumpy trampoline workout.  l loved the Fitbloggin’ 5k along the waterfront, following Sheryl aka Bitchcakes in her hot pink outfit. I only regret that I had to RUSH to the airport so I couldn’t watch all the finishers come in. Next year, I’m leaving later!

my Crossfit buddy Amanda! Arrr!

WIld trampoline coach Jeff from JumpSport FitTrampoline!

There were talks about improving one’s blog. Making money and getting sponsors and adding video and such. I didn’t really go to any of those. Do I want to improve my blog? How much do I want to blog? Since I’ve been back I’ve wanted to blog a lot more.

The best part of Fitbloggin, was, of course, the people.  It was really fantastic to be seeing friends I haven’t seen in a year (many of whom I met for the first time last year), and to meet new people. There wasn’t nearly enough TIME to spend one on one time with all the people I longed to talk to and visit with. But I was grateful to hang out with, work out and sweat with, laugh and cry with these folks.

Thea’s crying-prevention tactic: Jumping jacks!!

I loooooove the MizFit. oxox Carla!!

Shmoozing with Sue, aka Mrs. HotAss, the Zumba QUEEN!

FINALLY meeting Sheryl, aka the famous @BitchCakesNY! She makes the ActiveLink darn sexy.

Stars of the amazing “Self Acceptance” session: Mara, Shauna and Karen

Gettin’ our silly rockstar on at the Popchips booth: with Tracy and Patty

I heart Alan!

bonding with fellow WW leader Dani

Bottoms up, JackSh*t!

Love love love Meegan and Tara!

Mark from Biggest Loser10 was there! Awesome!

It was awesome being greeted at the airport by @fitandfreeemily and @kyratx!! First hugs!

Annelies and Kia. Love!

so great to see Jess again.

Did you know that Meegan, aka @redstar5, is an incredibly talented jewelry artist? She made this gorgeous piece and I bought it on the spot! So many unexpected gifts at FItbloggin!


It all went by wayy too fast. I felt like every minute was jam-packed with information, people, hugs, working out. I wanted to blog during the weekend but seriously, there was barely a moment to pee, let alone blog.

I am thrilled to pieces that Fitbloggin 2013 is going to be on MY coast, in Portland, Oregon! YEAH baby!!!!! I am completely excited about this. Many of my East coast buds are bemoaning the cost of traveling cross-country. I get that. I really do. But I did it twice! You all can do it. I also really recommend starting to save/fundraise NOW. Did you know that Indiegogo is a perfect venue for raising funds? Come on people. Don’t be shy. Put it on your blog. Put it out there how MUCH you, your blog readers and the Universe will benefit from your attendance there. Tell them you HAVE to come, or I will be very very sad. Get ready now because Fitbloggin’ West is going to be the most amazing thing ever.

And if there’s one word I want to hear banished from EVERYone’s vocabulary, including mine: “worthy.” As in “not worthy” of being there. I can’t even count how many times I read and heard that word before, during and after the weekend. Damnit people, we are ALL worthy. This is what makes Fitbloggin’ so amazing and beautiful- everyone coming together in their shared desire to be healthy and strong. None of us are perfect or even close. We all have our flaws and our moments of falling down. And then we all come together to pick each other back up again. I know I feel incredibly uplifted. And I can’t wait to do it all again.


me and the best, goofiest roomie ever


7 Responses to “Fitbloggin’ 2012: Beyond Words”

  1. redstar5 Says:

    YES!! Now dammit I need to blog too!
    I heart you so so very much and this was recap perfection of an incredible weekend and yet another reminder why T and I have to find a way to make it to FB13. So much love!

  2. OMG – how did I miss your gorgeous face in that necklace that I swear was made just for you! Thank you for being a part of a very unexpected gift for me at FitBloggin – the start of a brand new adventure. so much love!❤

  3. MizFit Says:


  4. Nellie Says:

    so beautiful! I enjoyed this recap so much. I’m still on a fitbloggin high.

  5. Patty Says:

    I just love you to piece Sue! I’m so glad that I got to see you and spend time with you. I instantly felt like I belonged there when you did your performance and voiced your fears. I felt the same. I was instantly reminded just how much our community gets us! I doubted for a second about going to Portland but I just don’t see how I can miss seeing all my friends next year. Funds are being saved as we speak! Can’t wait!xoxo

  6. karenclanderson Says:


    I’ve been in a crazy, busy, funky place lately and this was just what I needed to read. I need to channel some of that inner Fitbloggin spirit! You are a bright shining light in my life🙂

  7. […] Thursday night because I’m afraid that I missed a very important part of Fitbloggin’: Susan’s (aka Foodie McBody) awesome one-woman act about her journey and her experience(s) with Fitbloggin’. I was kind of shocked to realize […]

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