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Confessional: Weigh-In February 21, 2011

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Something happened a week or so ago that was a first. And not a happy first either, like “My first half marathon!” Woo hoo! It was the first time that I had a weigh-in as a WW staff/Lifetime member where the notice popped up that I had to pay. Which meant I was over my range for Lifetime membership. This was the first time this has happened since I made Lifetime status in July 2009.

I was “only” over by 1.8 lbs. Which on one hand is “not a lot.” But on the other hand… if that happened every month for a year? There goes almost 24 pounds, just a little bit at a time. And that’s how it happens, isn’t it?

I wasn’t completely shocked. January was a total bust for me as far as activity. I was sick about 70% of the month and probably only exercised 2-3 times. When I weighed in during the first week of February, it had had its effect.

I have been wrestling with this blog post ever since. It’s so much fun to post fantastic, celebratory, Woo-Hoo! I DID IT! sorts of blog posts. This kind is not so much fun. But I do think it’s just as important. It’s one of those moments of honesty that I think are absolutely crucial to this blog, and my whole process here.

So here I am. I weighed in at 1.8 lbs over Lifetime range. I am here to tell you that this is not going to happen two months in a row. When I weigh in again in the first week of March, I will be FREE again. I love that: “Free Lifetime.” Not only is it free in that you don’t have to pay, there’s a Freedom to knowing you are in range. I have been free since July 2009 and I am not about to put those chains on again. I worked hard to get there. I am going to get myself back there.

This is something that has happened to most WW staffers that I know, as well as many many Lifetime members. At some point, something slips for one reason or another, and then you’re up. Just a little. And then the little kind of snowballs into more and more until it’s… oh my god. Right?

Wrong. That’s not going to happen here. This is one of the HUGEST reasons that being a WW leader has helped me. I am not going to stand up there week after week if I’m not walking the walk. Or running the run. Or tracking the points.

This is my vow to myself, and to anyone reading this. I’m saying it again. I’m going to see that “FREE” pop up on the computer in March. And that’s that. It was interesting to have this, um, Learning Experience here, but what I learned is that I don’t want to repeat it. Got that?


8 Responses to “Confessional: Weigh-In”

  1. ChristineZ Says:

    You can do it–you have already broken the old pattern of hiding in shame. This isn’t shameful–this is being truthful and honest and taking responsibility and getting our support. We support you!

  2. Trixie Says:

    I’m so proud of you for admitting to this not only to yourself, but here in this post!

    I’m looking forward to your “fantastic, celebratory woohoo! I did it!” post next month!

  3. blinking back tears here. thanks you guys.

  4. lisawwleader Says:

    i just want you to know that I have been there. And as a fellow WW leader I can totally relate. I think your post is brave and helpful–helpful not only to you (and I can tell you are completely motivated to get back to Lifetime), but helpful to anyone who has the opportunity to read it. We all have not great months. It’s what we choose to do AFTER we step on the scale that really matters. Bravo to you.

  5. So understand when you say “it’s easy to write a woo hoo post” and less easy to write about a slip. I have complete faith that your next weigh in WILL be a freebie, you’ve nipped the issue in the bud, and for that, I give you a big WOO HOO!!!! Have a great week.

  6. Hanlie Says:

    I really, really commend your honesty, Susan. You’re so right, this is something that needs to be shared, because it’s part of everybody’s process. I have no doubt that next month you’ll be free again!

  7. Miz Says:

    I love your raw honesty and your writing gift that you share with us, too.

    You know Im here if theres anyanyway I can lend the proverbial hand, susan.

  8. nazalee Says:

    Aww foodie you have done so great and just had a tough month. I have been there as a WW “leader”. But we are all members first and we struggle too just like our members. Walking the walk and talking the talk is what got me back. How can I coach when I’m not coaching myself by going to my weekly meetings as a member etc. By the way have u been to a meeting lately? Bravo to you for posting when it doesnt feel like a “whoo-hooo” moment. You will get it next month. Posting about it though and losing the shame sounds like a behavior change to me so I hope you caught my virtual Bravo Star.

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