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I’m climbing stairs. LOTS of them. You could win a quilt. February 8, 2011

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I’m doing the Fight for Air Stair Climb on Saturday, March 26th (this is going to be the most aerobic weekend of my life!). Part of the deal is that we raise money for the American Lung Assocation.

I have struggled with asthma on and off during my life. It has affected me when my allergies flare up, when I’m not in overall good condition, and just any old time. When my body is stressed, I get asthma.  Nothing is more frightening or upsetting to me than not being able to take a full breath. Which is why this challenge really hits home for me. I am so glad to be raising funds for this organization.

I would love to get support for this climb and this cause. To sweeten the deal, I am throwing in a quilt handmade by my mother, aka Mama McBody. She has been getting all fancy-ish in her latest quilts and this one is a real beauty, don’t you think?

So — everyone who donates at least $10 will be eligible in a random drawing for this quilt. For every $10, you get another chance at it. So if you donate $50 (!!) you get five chances. But as in any random drawing, it could be just one $10 ticket that wins it.  And if I get lots and lots of donations, I might just give away TWO quilts.

Here is my donation page. It’s looking pretty, um, empty right now. Please let’s fill it up! Let’s OVERfill! If you want a chance at the quilt, you have to include your name. (right?)

I used to get short of breath just taking a walk up a slight incline. So to think that I am taking on this physical challenge is a very, very, big deal. Please support me in this personal undertaking and please support the American Lung Assocation.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! oxoxoxo


8 Responses to “I’m climbing stairs. LOTS of them. You could win a quilt.”

  1. healthyem Says:

    It’s so awesome you’re doing this – both the cause and the personal accomplishment. I do declare I have stair-climbing envy, but I’m totally there next year! Check your donation page…I think you have a donor!🙂

  2. talesofmy30s Says:

    I did one of these a couple years after my T2 diagnosis – difficult, but so worth the cause – you go!!

  3. […] Wow did I have  wakeup call today. It was really illuminating, my first unofficial “training” for the Stair Climb event in March. […]

  4. Coco Says:

    I finally remembered to check this out. I love quilts! And I had a wierd encounter with athsma a few years ago (triggered by a virus??). I had a few gasping-for-air-am-I-gonna-die-before-I-can-breathe moments. I was treated for about 9 months but it hasn’t been an issue since. I made a donation–it looks like you will need to increase your donation goal.😉

  5. merri Says:

    ooh a quilt. my mother makes quilts too, she started a couple yrs ago and made me one from scratch. its on my bed, i LOVE it. homemade things are the best!

  6. Tara Says:

    Oh snap! Will you throw in your mom????

  7. […] I’m not going to be participating in athletic events next weekend: I’m still doing the Fight for Air StairClimb (still time to donate for a chance on a quilt!) and the Twilight 5k portion of the Oakland Running […]

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