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Healthaversary #2: Rainy but Inspiring February 6, 2011

January is the month that I mark my Healthaversary, aka my Blogaversary, aka when I woke up and decided it was time to be healthy. Last year I marked it with a hike to a volcanic labyrinth, blowing bubbles and brunch. This year it was pouring rain and I knew the hike down to the labyrinth would be ankle-deep mud. So I decided to skip the hike part and just do a little ritual in my living room. I wasn’t sure who would come.

In the end it was about a dozen women (plus Mr. McB!) who showed up, some I’ve known for many years and one Twitter friend (hi @debroby) whom I was meeting for the first time. First we had an amazing feast prepared by Qi chef Patrick Bremser. He showed us the most seasonal, local dishes he’d made, for a transition into spring. There was a giant pot of potato leek soup with “pungent herbs,” (bright and pungent being the most appropriate foods for this time of year), a most amazing kale and radicchio soup that had been MASSAGED with sea salt and… grapeseed oil? and all I can say is, man, I’ve got to start massaging my kale! It was sooooo tender and fluffy and just.. incredible. There were also little bowls of walnuts, some quinoa, some long-cooked onions (mmmmmmmmm), olive tapenade (MMMMMMMMM), pumpernickel walnut bread, orange zest (zesty!), and some dessertish crostini with pear compote. It was all to. Die. For.

After having this most amazing lunch, we went to our health altar where we’d all put some items symbolizing our health goals for 2011.  Therapy bands, running medals, a heart, a little sumo wrestler, a stalk of broccoli, photographs, mementos and other things. We all lit candles. It was just lovely and I felt so … supported and held up as I go into my third year of health.

This second year has been both easier and harder than the first. On one hand, I feel like I am more comfortable with it. It feels like a more solid part of my identity. But this is also where I feel the foreverness of it all. The very long haul. Most days it doesn’t feel like  a struggle, but sometimes it does, especially when, like this January, when I’ve felt sick and not with my usual high energy. I don’t like being tired or sick.

But it was wonderful, and wonderful to see the ripples out as others have gotten healthier and others have faced challenges with great courage. I love and admire my community, both local and invisible-and-far-off, and I could not, could NOT have gotten these two years down without you all.

This goes out to all the invisible ones who weren’t in attendance but who have held me up so much these past two years. Much love.

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9 Responses to “Healthaversary #2: Rainy but Inspiring”

  1. What an awesome idea. I love it. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! What a wonderful idea!

  3. Lyn Says:

    That sounds fabulous! Happy Healthiversary!

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    year party! […]

  5. kclanderson Says:

    I really love the way your mind works. Congratulations! I can’t WAIT to meet you in May!

  6. Hanlie Says:

    I think that in our fast-paced modern world we often neglect to celebrate and commemorate significant events in our lives. Well done for making this a celebration that not only blessed you, but everybody who attended. You have a beautiful spirit!

    And that food sounds amazing!

  7. Wendy Says:

    I went right home after the healthaversary and made a big pot of lentils with carrots, onions, and basil. Delicious. Enough for several days. Yea healthy leftovers! I’ve been wanting to cook lentils for weeks, and the healthaversary kicked me into gear. I’ve also been eating a scoop of walnuts every other day with my yogurt for lunch. Perfect. Suggestion from the Qi chef who was wonderful! Was great to meet everyone.

  8. Pubsgal Says:

    Happiest Healthiversary to you, Foodie McBody! Thanks for being such a wonderful, enthusiastic presence in the healthy living blogging community! I’m wishing you many, many more years of health and happiness!

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