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The World of Work and Working Out April 12, 2010

This is the first week in, oh, I don’t know, my MEMORY that I’m working a more-than-full time week. I’m working 3 days at my new job, 2 days at my previous job, and 2 evenings at Weight Watchers. And all of a sudden, today, I had this enormous hit-by-a-truck feeling of deep empathy for people who struggle with this all time. “This” being namely trying to find time to exercise when working full time and having a family.

It’s TOUGH, people. So let me take a moment of silence and awe to honor everyone who has managed to do this. Now it’s time for ME to figure it out for myself. Wow.

Today is pretty much shot. I think. I woke up super early. Took kid to school. Had breakfast in coffee shop next to train station but couldn’t take train because the parking lot was full-up. Duh. So I drove. (hello $10/day parking lot fee! Goodbye paycheck!) I reported in at 9am and clocked out at 5. In the middle, I learned all sorts of stuff about my new duties. Which still remain somewhat mysterious, but oh well. Tomorrrow I think it will begin to gel and get a bit more real. (don’t even ask me to describe it. please. because I can’t! I mean I’m incapable!)

My new boss/who is actually an old friend invited me to lunch. I was not about to say no. We had a nice lunch. Afterward we went back to the office and I almost re-enacted a scene from my solo performance piece in which I fall asleep at my desk. I think I was super tired from not much sleep last night, getting up early, getting super adrenalized from the New Situation and then lunch. Zzzzzzzz. I managed to deal with it. But I felt like a sack of bricks. I soldiered on through the afternoon and at 5pm went to pick up my kid. There was no way on EARTH I could think of cooking. We stopped and got some Indian food takeout. Came home and ate it. And now I am lying on my bed.

This is going to be a fast path to gaining about 35 lbs back, let me tell you!

I have got to strategize. I’ve got to strategize NOW. First thing I gotta do is start bringing my own lunch to work. That will help. Second thing is I think I am going to try and walk or run during my lunch break. Probably walk (better than nothing?). If I run I am going to be a stinky frizzy mess. There is no shower at work. OK, what else? I am going to have to figure out some sort of dinner plan wayyyyy ahead of time. Crockpot? What? OMG. I’m also going to have to figure out when I can work out. (walking does not count, that’s just staying sane and alive during the day)

I guess my choices are:

1. Before work

2. After work

Oh my GOD. It might have to be before. Because after…… I just can’t face it. I don’t think I can do it. I am so NOT a morning person but I think I am going to have to join Mr. McBody (who has been doing this for YEARS) at O Dark Hundred and bite the bullet and do it.

I’m going to get up early tomorrow and give it a go. Which should not be a problem since it is 7:30pm and I am ready for bed NOW.

Again. One more moment of silence for people who manage to do this 52 weeks out of the year, make it a priority and make it work.

I feel like one of those people who don’t have kids and then they babysit their friend’s baby for like 3 hours and then they go collapse or have a nervous breakdown.


8 Responses to “The World of Work and Working Out”

  1. Pubsgal Says:

    Ugh, condolences. When I started, yep, it was early mornings…at least it was summer. Then I had to incorporate 1 kid in school. Pretty soon after that, I joined the gym next to work. Summer saw hard-core tri training…then back to school saw earlier out-the-door times, which killed the a.m. workouts, moving them to gym at lunch or after work.

    But you get used to whatever you put your mind to doing. I came to like the early morning workouts, because then I was DONE with exercise for the day, and simply got to bask in the endorphins.🙂 Form lots of backup plans. Some days, it might be a walk at lunch and a little bit of video or strength training; sometimes it’s 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there.

    Of course, these are fine words coming from me, who didn’t work out today, got to sleep too late last night, ate too much to try and stay awake, and is now ready to collapse.

  2. C(h)ristine Says:

    Empathies. After grad school, during which time, as you know, I got back into semi-adequate shape…I got sick, which threw off my workout schedule & then went back to work fulltime, which eradicated my workout schedule. I found myself snacking nonstop at work (fully stocked kitchen), my stress levels increased, and I was too tired to work out. I don’t really have any answers as to how to balance a fulltime work schedule (I have 2 jobs now) and family responsibilities–except to squeeze it in, somehow. This, for me, means to sacrifice time I would spend on my novel, in order to exercise.

    Staying in shape for me, is a fulltime job. I often wish I didn’t have to work so I could write, and focus more on my health. Sorry I can’t be more cheery. I’m hoping others have solutions here. (I’ll be reading).

    I also pondered exercising during lunch break–but that never happens. For me, it’s about trying to leave work early, or going into work a little later on days I have a more flexible schedule.

  3. Shannon Says:

    How did I totaly miss this? First congrats on the job and second if anyone can juggle it all it is you! Exhausting I am sure in time you will adjust to it.
    I to admire anyone who does balance all of it. I realize that I am blessed in this and need to be more grateful!
    Early mornign exercise is FANTASTIC!

  4. Sproutma Says:

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time as inspiration, and it is inspiration like yours that keeps me going. I am a single mother to a one year old and work full time. I was in great shape when I gave birth but let the following year take its toll. I am now into week 6 of getting back on track, and it feels great. Unfortunately, the only way I have made it work is to compromise. I have to put my daughter into someone else’s care for an hour or take her running with me, which she likes some days and hates other days. Cue the guilt. I also know that if I take that hour to work out, I am missing an hour of sleep or work time, both of which I desperately need, but I have come to realize that in the year that I did not take care of myself, I also did not do a very good job of taking care of anyone or thing else around me. So, I swallow the guilt, remind myself that I have to have priorities, and that taking one hour a day to workout is worth it since it makes me a better mother, worker, and human. As to where to squeeze it in, wherever I can. Usually this means early mornings, and it also means cutting workouts a little short to get everything else that needs to get done done. But I try to make up for this by doing pushups while cooking dinner, running around the house making funny faces at my daughter, etc. Everyday is a struggle, everyday is a choice, but I try to keep on track for myself and for my daughter. Good luck!

  5. RunningLarge Says:

    You just do it. Sometimes it sucks.
    I had some flex in my schedule so 2 x a week I’d take lunch about 2 hours before the end of day and run. Kept my last hour meeting free and used my stinky time for calls & desk clearing.
    Was on the lookout for a nearby gym & showers. Some hotels provide gym memberships.
    Did a lot on the weekends.

  6. Mindy Says:

    Ugh. I’m no expert in this arena, as I’m only 2-3 months into this gym-thing. But I prefer the AM. I have a FT job and 2 teenage girls who you’d THINK would be independent enough to handle me getting up at 5 and leaving, but we’ve had a few “missed the bus” incidents. I figure it’s good training for them.
    Now that the weather’s nice, I often do my cardio outside in the PM and do the gym in the AM for weights. That’s a nice compromise. And yes, you need back-up plans, but also the ability to cut yourself a break when it gets too hard. Tomorrow I have an art show to host at work and will skip the gym. I need to primp in my own bathroom so work gets the upper hand. The next day, back at it. Good luck! You’ll figure out what works for you.

  7. Larkspur Says:

    It’s hard. That’s one of the reasons I dropped back to very-part-time- we’re talking ten hours a week. I do have kids in 2nd and 8th grade and a senior in HS with Asperger’s so my plate is pretty full with that. But I was honestly worried about trashing my body by sitting too much, eating makeshift stuff and not exercising. With FBS in the low 100s I just felt like the time was more important to me than the money. Will revisit when my oldest is more or less launched and the middle one’s in college (when the money will mean more than time, I’m sure!)

  8. Quix Says:

    10 hour days at work lately + watching my calories strictly + 6 day per week workouts + trying to have a social life like a normal non-crazy person = ARGH!!!! *falls over from exhaustion*

    However, workouts are a priority for me. Some mornings, I get up and run before work. Some evenings, I go straight to the gym or head outside immediately for a run or into the workout room for whatever. The key is scheduling it like a meeting or appointment – it’s non negotiable. Can be rescheduled, but rarely ever canceled.

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