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From Blog to Stage April 9, 2010

This Tuesday night was truly an amazing experience for me. It was the night that this blog, I don’t know, turned 3-D. I showed a theaterful of people what FoodFoodBodyBody was all about. And I have to say, I loved every minute of it.

I had already done a mini-version of the show for my friends in Costa Rica. They enjoyed it a lot and gave me some extremely helpful last-minute feedback, so I could do some little tweaking before the Big Night.

I wasn’t very nervous. I was just happy, and excited. I got a little bit of butterflies in my stomach while I was on the train going to San Francisco, but then I took a look at my notes and it calmed me. When I got to the theater I discovered that I would be going last. Which was both exciting and nervewracking. The great thing about going first, of course, is that you get to relax and then enjoy everyone else’s piece. But I was okay. I just felt good about all of it. My classmates went and I was just so excited for them, and thrilled to see THEIR amazing work.

Finally it was my turn. I don’t know. It just… happened. I know this story so well. It just went, and I could feel everyone so WITH me. At one point, I came to a scene where I was about to get on the scale. It’s a big moment. I cross my fingers, and I say, “Cross your fingers!” (unplanned) And I looked up and saw this sea of arms up, fingers crossed!!! It was just… wow. And it made me feel EXACTLY like I do when I post something here, or on Twitter, and ask for support, and everyone comes forth. It was just so great. The show was videotaped so I am hoping to have a little trailer to put up on YouTube at some point.

After the show was over, I got to talk to my awesome friends who had come out, and that made me really happy. But THEN a bunch of people who I DIDN’T KNOW started coming up to me and saying really nice things.  One guy said, “You made me LAUGH my ASS off.. but then..” his face got serious. “I have prediabetes too. And I guess I better pay attention to that.” It got really serious, really quick. And he thanked me and it just made me get all choked up. But then someone ELSE came up to me, this guy – and he said – “This is my story, too.” And he gave me his card – and I was like, OMG.  This dude has lost a ton of weight and really changed his life. Check out the documentary movie about his life! And his blog! (Note that he had his change-of-life-moment at Cafe Gratitude, which I actually made a lot of fun of once – but hey, if it worked for him, I am glad for him!)

This kept on and on. THREE MORE people came up and said they had prediabetes. Which was like, freaky, in a not very big theater. But it made me super glad too. That not only had I provided some entertainment, but maybe I could make a difference in someone’s health too. That REALLY made me get a lump in my throat.

Really amazing things have happened since then. People had such a great response, it made me so happy. THEN…

Yesterday I was invited by the two producers of City Solo, an amazing solo performance series in San Francisco, to be part of their May lineup!  Yahooooo! Do you know what that means? That means that the wonderful Superwoman Spirit Shannon, formerly of the Fabulous Fatties (who have cameo role in the show!!) will be able to attend when she comes to visit in May! I am beside myself with excitement. So, I will be performing on May 16th AND on May 23rd! Woooo!

Today I got my hair cut. I am still, er… getting used to it. But tomorrow I am going to have a professional PHOTO SHOOT (publicity for City Solo). I think the photos are going to be really fun. Seriously, if you would have said the words “photo shoot,” “headshots,” or “marathon relay” to me at any point in 2008, I would have laughed until I keeled over. And then cried.

I’m just… I don’t know. Overwhelmed with excitement and happiness about it all. Here’s a pic of me and my fellow performers (and awesome director/teacher) right before showtime. Yahoo!


13 Responses to “From Blog to Stage”

  1. susan you never cease to amaze me. so prolific! thanks for sharing and showing others how to express their authentic selves.

  2. Keta Says:

    FFBB – thanks for the contact high! What a joy to read of your triumph.

  3. Larkspur Says:

    Brave girl, great picture, and my gosh you look young. Cool stuff.

  4. Mary Going Says:

    I’m still thinking about your show, too. Yes, you made me laugh. And, you made me think. And, you made me think some more. Loving you!

  5. Pubsgal Says:

    Congrats!!! That is *especially* awesome to me that you were able to reach so many people who could really use the news that they’re not alone, and that people can change what seem to be unbreakable habits and learn to successfully manage type 2 diabetes.

    And congrats on the upcoming performances, too! Hey, I could actually probably make it to a weekend show! (Mid-week outings are not doable for me.) Which one is Shannon going to? I’d love the chance to meet her, too, if it wouldn’t be crashing the party. (And you’ll find this hard to believe, but an outing to San Francisco is as intimidating to me as doing a marathon relay was to you once upon a time. There. I’ve admitted it. Now I’ve got to do it, right?😉

    • aw Pubsgal, you lil country mouse! Yes you’ve GOT to do it. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you at the show!! Shan is scheduled to come visit (YAY!!!!!!!) the weekend of the 16th and it will be a regular blogger/twitter meetup party!!

  6. Shannon Says:

    All I can think it to *squeeeeeeeeaaaaaalllllllll* loud with excitement and happiness for you! Can you hear me?
    I knew you would be wonderful and I knew you would touch the hearts of people. That is just who you are.
    I am beyond thrilled to come visit and would love to meet pubsgal and anyone else you know.
    If they are friends of yours then I know for certain I would love them!
    I cannot believe I am going to be lucky enough to see it in person!!!!!!

  7. terrepruitt Says:

    I wish I could have seen it. I hope that there is something on Youtube soon that we can see because I would love to see how it goes from computer/blog to stage . . . .

    I am sure you were fabulous. You are very dynamic via blog so I bet on stage you were even more so. I am glad you had a good time and so happy that it touched people.

    You keep shining!!!!!!

  8. Yeah, “contact high” about sums it up.🙂 I am SO excited for you and for everything you’ve got planned. I thank God for the day I stumbled across you on Twitter.

  9. kate Says:

    I wish I could have been there! I’m so happy for you!!

  10. Leah Says:

    inspiring!!! look forward to seeing the show in May.

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