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… and I can feel them piling up inside me. But I have had no time! I just now finished (11pm) a 2 hour online training module in preparation for a full day WW training tomorrow. Which I am excited about, but… TIME!

So much I want to blog about. Blog posts in the works:

1. Who is Jean Nidetch and why do I think she is a rock star?
2. Reportback from my celebratory dinners last weekend
3. Preparation for celebratory dinners this COMING weekend
4. How’s that old 10K/marathon training going? Are my feet still attached?
5. Some absolutely awesome WW training I received last week, and More To Come tomorrow
6. a couple shout-outs to Bloggers Whom I Love
7. Foodie McBody, the solo performance show! YIKES!

Tell me which one(s) YOU’d most like to read about.