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BodyBugg: It’s All Information December 28, 2009

I’ve been doodling around with my new BodyBugg for the past couple of days. Some people might think a device like this is the ultimate in obsession, but for me, it’s just more Information. Just like the number on the scale is just that: information (or as we say in WW, “Feedback not failure.”) I have been really curious about my REAL calorie burning in relation to what I’m taking in. So it’s been interesting.

The things I’ve learned should not come as a complete shock, but it has been illuminating.

1. I actually do burn calories while I sleep!! Of course I “knew” this on some intellectual level, but to wake up and see “486 calories burned” between 11pm and 7am, was… pleasing.🙂 I think I had this naive belief that I only “burned” calories while I was exercising. Like if I went to the gym, it was so many hundred calories, but if I didn’t, it was… zero. Again, I KNEW that wasn’t true, but still, to see it confirmed was interesting.

2. All exercise is not created equal. Of course, I “knew” this one too, but really it has been kind of surprising. Also, the number of “calories burned” on the cardio machines at the gym bear little resemblance to what I am hoping is a more accurate count from the BodyBugg.  Of course, the machines say you burn way more.😦

3. Comparatively speaking, an hour of Nia class burns a lot less (215!!!!) then an hour on the elliptical (420) which in turn is less than an hour of running on the treadmill. (550) Which is also sort of obvious, but another way I used to trick myself. It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing Nia. It means that on Nia days, if I want to keep me In-and-Out ratio about the same, I need to eat a lot less. OR do a lot of other activity to balance it out.

The BB is pretty cool. It tells me the # of steps per given period (the only day I broke 10K this week was today, when I was running on the treadmill), a very elaborate breakdown of food and food types (I do eat way more carbs than I think I do!!!), number of minutes of “physical activity” or I guess what IT considers exercise, and then overall calories burned which can be broken down by period.

Also, see the graph where it says Cal/Min? That is interesting to me bc when I am on a cardio machine, I always try to aim for 10-11 cal/min. But according to the BB, I never achieve that. Even when I was running today, it only reached 9 cal/min at the max, and I was pumping it out. So that’s interesting.

Here’s a report from yesterday. That big spike in the middle is from when I was at Nia class. But it didn’t last very long, and I think most of the class was pretty mellow. But I did do a lot of walking around and shopping before and after, so you can see the little peaks around it. I think that is what saved it. Also,  I didn’t have QUITE that much of a deficit because I did not log every single thing last night. Apparently, it thinks I should be eating AND exercising more.

It’s all interesting. But then I’m a huge gadget geek, so I love this stuff.


7 Responses to “BodyBugg: It’s All Information”

  1. Shelley B Says:

    I borrowed a bodybugg from my trainer and was really interested to see how much LESS I burned during cardio than the machines said I did – for me, it was a huge eye-opener to not give in to the idea that I could eat more on the days that I worked out, especially since I wanted to lose weight. Great tool – glad you are enjoying yours!

  2. Pubsgal Says:

    Wow! That sounds incredibly cool. (I would love to have better data, but I think my fitness budget is better spent on my gym fees.) Wish they had something like this that also incorporated a continuous glucose monitor! That would be some great data to have. I wish I could have just a week with a CGM to experiment with food and exercise.

  3. Larkspur Says:

    My Gowearfit has not been worn in month (covering face in shame). I too found that I burned less than I thought– it was pretty hard to make the 2500 calorie burn I set myself, and I’m a big girl (185 pounds at the time).

  4. terrepruitt Says:

    Machines measure by MET and I’ve never quite trusted the formula for the machines. ANY holding on to the hand rails or leaning or if you are on a bike not peddling fast enough can affect the actual calorie burn. I bet a lot of people would be surprised that they burn less than the machines say.

    Sounds like the BodyBugg could help in that area.

    Thank you for sharing your read-out/info that is cool to see the information it provides.

  5. berkeleyscot Says:

    I am going to get a Bodybugg! It does sound complicated, but maybe not.
    I am also fascinated by gadgets like this. At the moment, I am never without a pedometer. The one I have measures calories, steps and miles, but I want MORE.
    I belong to the YMCA and exercise as often as I can. I also have an exercise bike in my office.
    But my exercising is getting limited because I have mild cp and arthritis. I don’t have the balance required for free movements and I can no longer get on and off a treadmill without help.
    None of the classes offered, even the ones for seniors, suit my needs so I am creating my own programme!

  6. Shannon Says:

    I have wanted one of these things. However I am worried it would become all consuming for me. That is just my nature. They sound very cool. Bummer that the truth is out now on the machines saying we burn more calories. I knda wondered😉

  7. maria Says:

    Pretty cool gadget. I would like to get one, but don’t think it’s a smart idea for me at this point in my attempt to start focusing on just eating healthy and moving more… I think it would spiral my disordered eating even more out of control. But it does seem REALLY neat and helpful!

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