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A Very Foodie McBody Christmas December 26, 2009

I had a great Christmas. It was one of the nicest Christmases I can actually ever remember. Even though I was out shopping late Christmas Eve, something I swore I would not do, I was still in good spirits throughout.

Foodwise, I had a pretty decadent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I am certainly up a few pounds. But that’s really the end of it. (I am so relieved!) I don’t have any big plans for New Years’ Eve, and I don’t celebrate Boxing Day. I don’t even know what Boxing Day is. I guess I could look it up. Okay, so they say it’s a day of “cold buffet” (ie., leftovers?!) and parlour games.  That just seems… um, obvious?

On Christmas Eve, we went to our neighbors’ house for their traditional jumbo breaded fried shrimp and cookie and champagne fest. Ah, it was so good. I had two champagne cocktails, about 4-5 giant shrimp and about five cookies. Which I can tell you is a fraction of what I ate last year, and previous years. I enjoyed every bite of those things, and I felt full but not painful when I left.

Yesterday we had ham, turkey, some incredibly decadent scalloped potatoes, creamed spinach.  All of it (except the scalloped potatoes) we got from the Honeybaked Ham store. Now I know that HB ham is probably not the most nutritious thing on earth. I know it’s all injected with glucose and salt and chemicals and stuff. Do I care? Hmm. Last year and before, I’d say probably not. But for me, Christmas dinner has to be all about EASE. I can’t cope with shopping, cleaning, wrapping etc AND cooking some multi-day meal. Maybe if I lived near a bunch of relatives where everyone makes a dish. But it’s pretty much all on me so it has to be easy.

Our easy Christmas morning breakfast is traditionally those giant Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, yeah the Cinnabon kind. We wake up, make the giant rolls, then open presents. It’s that typical Christmas morning smell. It’s also.. yeah, easy. But I felt kinda sick after my roll yesterday and felt like, I wish I’d made a nice caramelized onion frittata or something else proteinish for breakfast. Again, no time. Next year I might consider tweaking this particular tradition. Or maybe not. Hey, it’s just ONE DAY. I don’t need to eat another Cinnabon for another year.

I got some fabulous presents this year. Some of the best ever. One was a BodyBugg, which I have been desiring ever since I started watching Biggest Loser. I am very excited about really knowing the calories I’m burning. I have not quite figured it all out yet. I was hoping to get it rolling this morning but I’m still having some technical difficulties. So I’m gonna have to wait until tech support is on hand, probably Monday.

I also received a panini press, which I have been wanting for eons. I am so excited about this. I love warm sandwiches. I love grilled cheese. The great thing about this is that it makes warm sandwiches without having butter all over the bread, which is a huge calorie saver. And I can also use the great thin low-point bread. So it’s all good! We had some leftover ham-and-cheese paninis just now and they were amazing. I’m excited that you can also grill meats (like chicken breasts!) and veggies (like eggplant!) on this machine. I am jazzed, baby.

Santa also brought our family an ice cream machine. I admit this is not exactly a WW endorsed product (HA) but I am feeling happy and confident. Just because we have an ice cream machine does not mean we are going to be eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But right now there is some homemade vanilla churning away and I am excited.

One of the gifts I gave myself yesterday is that I registered for the Kaiser Permanent Half Marathon in Golden Gate Park on February 7th. A friend of mine is having a Big Birthday that day and she asked for friends to join her in this event.  What a great way to celebrate, right? I am not at all sure my ankle will be able to put up with much running but I’ve decided to racewalk most of it and jog a little if I can.

Last night we watched Julie and Julia on DVD. I love that movie so much. A feature film about a blogger! A food blogger! That alone made me so happy. As did all the food. And best of all the beautiful relationships between the women and their supportive husbands. It made me laugh and cry.

So it was a great Christmas, one of the best ever. It’s the day after, and I am not awash in regret and self-loathing. I’m quite happy. And now I’m going to the gym!! Hope you all had a great holiday. oxoxo


4 Responses to “A Very Foodie McBody Christmas”

  1. terrepruitt Says:

    Love your blog posts.

    So glad you had a great Christmas!

    I am excited for you that you received the BodyBugg, I remember seeing you ask for it from Santa. Glad he was listening to you.

    I don’t have a panini press, but I have something like it and it is awesome. I can’t wait to hear about all the yummy stuff you make on it. I use mine for sandwiches, wraps, and meat. Yummy!

    I think if you are going to eat ice cream, making it yourself is the best because then you know what is in it. I think that not only do we need to be conscious of fat, caloires, and carbs, (etc.) but we need to be aware of all of the chemicals and processed “stuff” in our foods. So you making your own ice cream would be more healthful than a lot of them you might buy in the store.

    I love your gift to yourself.

    Julie and Julia was very cute. I saw it with Yelpers (are you familiar with and the entire theater would sigh and moan when they showed the food. It was so funny.

    I am so very thankful that I came across your blog and met you. I feel lucky to have you in my life. Thanks, Foodie!

  2. Tricia Says:

    Glad you had a great Christmas. And what a wonderful “gift” to yourself.

  3. berkeleyscot Says:

    Boxing Day, Susan… I think it’s a Public Holiday , as well as Christmas Day in UK. It was when I lived there. Now, I believe it is like the day after Thanksgiving here and there are Boxing Day sales.
    Boxing Day refers to the day when the servants (of big houses, of course) were given their Christmas ‘boxes’, or gifts.
    Alison L. can probaly add to that.
    We’ve rented Julie and Julia and will watch it tonight.
    In the meantime, Happy Hogmanay! (Another celebration for you to puzzle over!)

  4. jadepark Says:

    for the ice cream maker: you must get David Lebovitz’s “The Perfect Scoop” for the most amazing frozen yogurt and ice cream recipes. BEST ever. (sorry, I’m not helping–but if you have an ice cream maker and are going to eat ice cream, you might as well make it the BEST ice cream!). i myself would rather have 3 bites of something extra amazing than a bowl full of meh.🙂

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