I felt really tired today. I was tempted to not do any exercise AGAIN but that would have been 3 days in a row. I knew that if I tried to walk or run I’d poop out or just stop. So I dragged myself to exercise class tonight. It was a tiny class, only 3 of us, and thankfully the other two were brand new and were just learning stuff. So it was not horribly difficult, so I did survive the entire hour. But instead of feeling all bouncy and endorphinized after class, I just felt like lead. I’m so tired. I’m in bed and it is only 9pm.

Today I had what I can jokingly call a mini-binge. What did I binge on? A handful of potato chips and two packets of saltines (ie, four crackers). I took my mom out to lunch at this ice cream shop called Fenton’s (which was featured in the movie “Up”). It’s like her favorite place. I was already feeling, I don’t know, NOT on my game. I had a cup of lentil soup and a portobello burger.  They were…. okay. Normally I just give my mom all the potato chips and they hold no interest for me. But today I ate a few. Then I ate them all. (OK, two handfuls) That pretty much got me going because after all the other food was gone, I actually tore into the saltine cracker packets. What was this about, I don’t know. I think I’m going to go back to a super reduced carb thing because there may be some weird domino effect thing going on.

At least I did not order a giant hot fudge sundae or milkshake with whipped cream like every other person surrounding us. (sigh) I guess, today it just felt tiresome. I was tired and still mildly jetlagged and probably still emotionally affected by the weekend, funeral, traveling, etc. Bleah.

Today was supposed to be the weigh-in for the Jack Sh*t Half-Assed Half-Pound Challenge. I am pretty darned sure I did NOT lose the half pound. This morning I weighed exactly the same as the weight I emailed to Jack last week. Exactly the same sure beats “four pounds over” but.. oh well.

Now I’m just… tired. I hope that if I go to sleep early tonight I’ll feel more bouncy tomorrow.