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Rocco Rocks the Comfort Food February 28, 2011

I was excited to win a (signed) copy of Rocco Dispirito’s brand-new cookbook Now Eat This! (150 of America’s Favorite Comfort Foods Under 350 Calories) from Ryan over at NoMoreBacon. I’ve loved watching Rocco on the Biggest Loser as well as on Top Chef, and one of his special skills has been “lightening up” normally calorie-heavy dishes. And I am a person who certainly enjoys comfort food. In fact, Comfort Food is practically my middle name. When I got the book in the mail, Juniorette flipped through it and put a Post-It note on the page of every recipe she wanted me to make. Fried chicken! Mac and cheese! Brownies! All under 350 calories? For real?!?

Tonight I decided to make Rocco’s Tortilla Soup with Avocado and Cilantro. (<— sorry, we do not like cilantro in our house) It was awesome. Delicious. Fast. And EASY.  I cannot even begin to describe how easy. That, my friends, is a combo that cannot be beat. And under 350 calories per serving? Yow. We are going to be dipping into this book OFTEN.

I have to admit I fiddled with the recipe a teeny bit. I took out the cilantro. I added some black beans (fiber can’t hurt, right?). It was YUMMY. The whole family gave it a giant thumbs up.

Thanks, Ryan! Thanks, Rocco! TOTAL WINNER.


8 Responses to “Rocco Rocks the Comfort Food”

  1. That soup looks incredible! May have to check and see if my library has a copy of this I can borrow.

  2. It actually isn’t being published until March 22nd! Hot off the press!

  3. Crazy Eddie Says:

    Congratulations on winning the book! It sounds like a fantastic book to have around. I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of cilantro either. The soup sure looks good. Thanks.

    Thai Cuisine

  4. I’ve heard NOTHING but good things about Chef Rocco’s book. I’m going to have to keep my eyes open and grab a copy soon. Have a great week.

  5. Hanlie Says:

    That looks very tasty!

  6. Emily Says:

    I actually have this cookbook and love it! The Shrimp pad thai was my latest delicious dish I made from it!

  7. […] things,health,recipe,recipes — Foodie McBody @ 3:31 am You all know I was lucky enough to win a copy of Rocco DiSpirito’s amazing cookbook Now Eat This! We have been going through the recipes and they have been shockingly EASY, fast and delicious. […]

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