Of course the first thing I did upon waking up this morning was to leap onto my own scale. It wasn’t too bad – a one pound gain. Considering I’ve been doing nothing but eat in restaurants for a week, and I only truly exercised two days out of six, I’d say that is not bad at all. I’m not worried. I’m feeling pretty confident overall, and the whole idea of eating less is getting more and more appealing, rather than depriving.

I gave out several dozen chocolate hearts on Valentine’s Day and did not eat one. The idea of actually eating sugar made my teeth hurt. I’m happy because I think this means I’ve successfully desugared my tasted buds. Yay! It was fun giving out those red foil wrapped hearts though – I gave them to my writer friends, to hotel employees, to taxi drivers and anybody I came across, really. People were so surprised and happy to receive those sweet little Valentines!

It was great to see my daughter, although too brief, really less than a day.

I’m glad to be back home and hopeful that now I can establish a solid routine, especially of exercise.