Yeah, I’m jumping up and down with my arms in the air! YEAH! I did the dreaded awful steep hill of doom this morning, not once but THREE TIMES. I had two friends join me, which made all the difference. It was really so much more fun and do-able.  The first time was hard, really hard. I was panting hard. The second time (my goal) was a lot easier. I actually kind of felt like sprinting a bit toward the end. The third time (yeah, we did!) was harder but it could be that I was going faster. I don’t know. I have never ever done or even contemplated climbing this hill three times. It has been my personal nemesis, the thing that always pointed out how terribly out of shape I was. Now I have done it 3x.

And I didn’t go to the brunch. Which is great.

I’m just feeling all pumped up and good. Cue that Rocky music!!