Day 14 – Wednesday, Nov. 14

“My life is a reality show.” Write characters, plots, the set, and why people should watch OR
Advice for dealing with negative feedback in your community

Here are the main characters in FoodFoodBodyBody the Reality Show:

Foodie McBody: Our reluctant star. Sometimes she’s up, sometimes she’s done, but she’s always getting herself into some new pickle or another, whether it be a triathlon or a solo performance show.

Mr. McBody: main cheerleader, medic and love interest.

I couldn’t do it without him

Junior McBody: elder daughter. Zippy runner and magic maker.

Juniorette McBody: younger daughter. all-star baker and carbohydrate temptress. Also known to juggle and make awesome tie-dye.

Junior & Juniorette

Mama McBody: Junk Food Junkie and chocoholic. Although she is pushing 90, she is also a heckuva weekly bowler (with a 15 lb ball!)

mama McBody

Our Four Legged Friend: The only dog alive who really doesn’t like to go on walks. Especially if it means she will have to encounter Other Dogs.

our four legged friend

The Cast of Friends: We’ve got the loving and loyal Sidekick (always there for carpooling to workouts). We’ve also go the Greek Chorus of visible and invisible Internet friends (plot point: Are they REAL if you can’t see them? Stay tuned and find out!)

best Sidekick ever

The set: main set is a cabinish home high in the Oakland hills, under the redwoods and eucalyptus. Extra steep hills can be good for a little drama, huffing and puffing and gnashing of teeth. However, Foodie is big into travel, so you might often see her On Location in various locales like Baltimore, New  York City and Elsewhere.

Plots: Will Foodie finish this crazy endurance event (triathlon) that she signed up for? Will she (and her health) survive the departure of her beloved endocrinologist? Will she be able to show her face at Fitbloggin’ even though she is in worse shape than the previous year? Will she succumb to the temptation of the new Mac-and-cheese only restaurant in her hometown?  How will she celebrate her healthaversary THIS year?

Find out the answers to these and other questions by tuning into this week’s episode of FoodFoodBodyBody – a laugh (and sometimes a tear) every time!