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November 18, 2012

Day 18 #NHBPM: HealthCare. Don’t Get Me Started.

Junior as a young health activist (age 4)

Day 18 – Sunday, Nov. 18

“I want to change THIS about healthcare…”
Write about your advice for someone caring for a patient with your condition

Oh there is so much I want to change about healthcare.

As a health care provider, I’d say I want to change the insane amount of paperwork and bureacracy that it takes. I love love love seeing my patients. But the hours and hours I have to spend DOCUMENTING things in often redundant and irrelevant ways makes me crazy. I hate having to spend hours figuring out what kind of insurance (or not) a person has, and how this effects what I can’t or can’t do with or for them. This is so maddening. I just want to do what they need and not force it to be more or less depending on their insurance. Although Medicare is good in many ways, it’s also stupid in others. For example we only get paid if we see someone for a minimum of 5 visits. If they only need one or two, we either have to eat it, or we have to see them unnecessarily. This is just ridiculous. And then in other cases we can’t see someone as long or as much as they really need. It’s maddening.

As a patient, how nice would it be to just have a uniform way of getting health care. I love the little health post model they used to have in Nicaragua back in the day. Or in Cuba. (yeah! Socialized medicine!) You could just go to a small health center in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD – like literally within a few blocks. And see people who know you and your neighbors. If it’s more serious, you go to a regional or national center. End of story. All paid for. No cards or forms or insurance. If someone (like me) has a pre-existing condition, take care of them, don’t deny them healthcare. JUST DO THE DAMN THING.


Day 17 #NHBPM: My Running Playlist

Day 17 – Saturday, Nov. 17

My strengths and weaknesses list post
Health Playlist. Make a playlist for your health community

The music that I listen to when I run means a lot to me. Often it moves me to tears. It keeps me going. This is a little sample of my “must listen to” music when I’m running.

  • God Says Nothing Back, by the Wallflowers. This song is just the perfect rhythm for my running pace. If I just had one song to listen to over and over while I run, this would be it.
  • Friend of the Devil by the Counting Crows. This slower version really works for me. And the part about “set out running but I take my time” always resonates with me and makes me smile.
  • Home by Marc Broussard. Fantastic nonstop pound it out song. Makes me just pump it out and GO. Great for bringing up the energy.
  • Drive by Incubus. This one is kind of fast for me but it really also gets me going.  The lyrics speak to me.
    Sometimes I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear
    And I cant help but ask myself how much I’ll let the fear take the wheel and steer
    It’s driven me before, it seems to have a vague
    Haunting mass appeal
    Lately I’m beginning to find that I should be the one behind the wheel
  • Radio Nowhere by Bruce.
  • You Found Me by the Fray. If I hear this song when I am driving my car, it makes me want to stop the car, get out and run.
  • For the Summer by Ray LaMontagne. This is a gentle, loping song. I just love Ray. And I laugh out loud and sing along when he sings “I’m tired… I’m tired…”
  • It Won’t Take Long by Ferron. This is a long song, almost 8 minutes, and it’s one of my almost perfect running songs. “Don’t you want to see yourself as strong?” Yes, I do.
  • Wild World by Cat Stevens. Another slow loper. This is a great cool down song.
  • Human Wheels by John Mellencamp. Great running song. Yeah, human wheels keep going.
  • Come to Jesus by Mindy Smith. I am not a religious person, but this song gives me religion. Especially when running.
  • Safe and Sound by Capital Cities. This was the background music for the Big Blue Test video I did, and will always make me feel emotional and motivated.

Those are my top running songs. If I hear any of them when I’m not running, they make me WANT to run. I know, I know, running with earbuds is unsafe and all. I usually just wear in one ear and let the other one dangle so I can hear what’s going on in the environment too. I will forever be grateful to some of these songs for getting me going when little else would. I can now run without music because I’ve trained myself to do it but I will always have a soft spot for these tunes.


Day 16 #NHBPM What’s Unusual About this Picture?

Day 16 – Friday, Nov. 16

Create a comic strip about your health / life / community OR
Use a picture or video to inspire a post

I know, I know, I’m two days behind again. Weekends can be tough. So this is Friday’s post coming to you on Sunday. I have to say I am getting a little bit weary of the blog posts every day. But I am hanging in there and today will be my catchup day.

This picture is from today’s walk with Mr. McBody. We went up to the beautiful woods near our home. This picture is unusual because we are very rarely up there together. Usually he is riding his bike and I am running. I don’t like bike (trail) riding up there much.  It’s too bumpy and there are too many obstacles (ie people and animals and other bikes) for me. He doesn’t run anymore. Back in the day, when we were younger, he was the serious runner and I was the couch potato. Somehow in the past few years it seems that now I am the runner and he does… other stuff.

Today he suggested that we take a walk up there together. It was so nice. Afterward we went down to the Farmers Market together. We ordered our Thanksgiving turkey and had some lunch and walked around our little neighborhood. Normally that is something I also do alone or with Juniorette or sometimes Junior. So that was another nice thing.

Later this afternoon we are going to the movies. (Lincoln) All of this is not at all our norm. I am used to rushing here and there, meeting up with my various peoples. He spends a lot of time hanging out and being with Mama McBody (who is MY mom, not his).  Today she was off at church and we had the nice opportunity to spend an unrushed Sunday together. A little sad that this was remarkable. But it was awfully nice.

I think it’s healthy to slow down and take a walk sometime instead of a run or a challenging bike ride. And nice to do it with someone you love.

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