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The Manatee Gets Swim Lessons September 13, 2011

So I just got my swimming analysis video from the Team in Training folks. WOW. Eight minutes of slow-mo, extreeeeeeeemely detailed analysis of my every move, from both above and below the water! My initial reactions are: wow, this is some excellent feedback. So much more than I was expecting. And two: holy moly, I look like a manatee underwater.😦

But the real reason I posted this was just the amazing level of attention and support we are getting from our coaches. Isn’t this pretty phenomenal?? I also got to look at the videos of my teammates and really learned some great stuff from that – like what is it SUPPOSED to look like. Impressive!


2 Responses to “The Manatee Gets Swim Lessons”

  1. terrepruitt Says:

    This is awesome. The level of training is amazing. This gives insight as to what top athletes do. So cool.

    Ok, so now, for some finger wagging . . . . I didn’t hear him say once, “We’ll need to look at another swimmer’s video to show you what it should look like.” I didn’t hear that once. He was able to see all the good stuff in YOUR video. He pointed out multiple times when it was good and when it needed improvement. So you are doing it, you are doing the movement, it just sounds as if making it smaller would improve your stroke. Smaller head turn, smaller arm movement, etc. You got it.

    This video really make me laugh because YOU were what is impressive. I was so excited at how great you do swimming. Sounds like such little things to fix. And those little things sound like they will do big things. As in keeping your body more parellel so your brain (so interesting) doesn’t tell your arm to push so much to level you. Soooo cool.

    This is great! GREAT! GREAT!! GREAT!!! GREAT! It would take a lot longer than 9 minutes to talk about all that is off on my stroke. He was done with advice for you before the video ended!

    Ok, I’ll get my finger out of your face now. 🙂

  2. PlumPetals Says:

    Having a support team like that is amazing! I am absolutely loving reading about your training – you’re totally inspirational!

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