I’m really really trying to make a good decision regarding if I should do the Sprint or Olympic distance of the upcoming triathlon in November. I know that most of my teammates and coaches from TNT will say “Olympic! You can do it!” because they want to be encouraging etc. Mr. McBody is voting strongly for the Sprint because he wants me to enjoy it and not struggle too much. He looks out for me in that way, and he’s seen me reallllllllly crash and burn after several of my long distance events.

These are the factors I’m trying to weigh right now:

  • The Sprint is on Nov 5th and the Olympic is on Nov 6th. The vast majority of my teammates are doing the Oly and I really want to be in it with them!!
  • Just FYI: the Sprint distance involves a 500 meter swim, 8 mile bike and 5K run. The Olympic distance is a 1.5K swim in San Pablo Bay; followed by a challenging 22 mile bike course through China Camp State Park; concluded by a 10K out and back run course along the waters of San Pablo Bay. (“challenging”: shudder)
  • I could probably do the Sprint distance today, at my current level of training.
  • If I’m going to train for two more months, won’t I be ready for the Olympic?
  • I DO want to feel triumphant and not like I’ve half killed myself.
  • I DO want to feel like I’ve really accomplished Something.
  • I have to decide by next week because TNT is officially registering us. From what I understand, it will be possible to switch later on from Olympic to Sprint, but not vice versa.
Will I feel “less-than” if I do the Sprint? But if I feel relaxed and confident doing it?
Will I feel stupid and like I got in over my head if I struggle too much in the Olympic? Those distances are NO FREAKING JOKE, especially all tied together. I had a really rough time in the Oakland Marathon when I JUST did the 10k part of the relay. The Olympic tri will involve running a 10k AFTER swimming and biking.
What do YOU think I should do? Please vote AND leave a comment!