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Yay. Just YAY. #30daychip March 28, 2011

Yesterday was my 30th day of working out for a minimum of 30 minutes. WOW. Part of me just wanted to “rest” after Saturday but you know what? I wasn’t sore and I had the time and it wasn’t like a little time on the treadmill was going to kill me.  Plus, I really really REALLY wanted this chip so there was no way I was going to rest!

What have I learned in these 30 days?

  • I feel overall so much better, less stressed and more “in shape”
  • Contrary to my own limited beliefs, I actually CAN work out in the evening, after dinner, OR right before midnight. And live to tell the tale. It’s just making that decision and doing it.
  • I’d rather work out at half hour till midnight than at 6am.
  • I love YouTube on my phone. Eddie Vedder & Johnny Depp! Ray LaMontagne (of course) Talking Heads (<<our wedding song). Peter Gabriel. Wallflowers. Earth Wind and Fire!
  • I love streaming Netflix on my phone.
  • I can sing really loudly and badly in my garage.
  • It’s soothing to work out with a lot of rain coming down through the open garage door.

I am infinitely grateful to @bradgansberg and the entire #7daychip Family for supporting me in this endeavor. But I can’t relax and enjoy this moment TOO long because I’m on Day 31 and I’m going for… 100.

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7 Responses to “Yay. Just YAY. #30daychip”

  1. congratulations, foodie!

  2. David Abrams Says:

    I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how inspirational this post is. Especially the just-before-midnight part. Go Foody, go!

  3. ChristineZ Says:

    wow this is amazing! one of my year goals is to work out everyday for 2 weeks–I had no idea what the 30 day chip was until now (i kept seeing it on your tweets but couldn’t figure it out)–wowzers! (btw, I have yet to work out everyday for 2 weeks straight).

  4. Shannon Says:

    Going for 100? Good for you!

  5. Patty Says:


    I so have been thinking about going for the 7 day chip…I’m going to read more about it. Thanks for posting the link.

  6. merri Says:

    I also would rather work out at night than early in the morning. I can barely even turn my alarm off in the morning, I have that little motor skill. Good job! I’m sure you can make it to 100! I don’t do 30 min every day, but I do more than 30 about 5 days. I was thinking as I was hiking up the large, steep, hill to my house last nite on the way home from the gym, with sore sore legs from weight lifting, that SF doesn’t LET me have zero exercise days (even if its not 30 min) and sometimes I wish it WOULD!

  7. You’re a rockstar!! Congrats on the #30daychip! Extremely inspiring!!

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