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Mister McBody, Meet Jillian! November 20, 2010

So we are on vacation. Not where we thought we were going to be on vacation, but a lovely getaway nonetheless. It turned out to be a road trip instead of a plane trip, thanks to $&*#! American Airlines. More on that elsewhere. Anyway, there was some rain in the forecast and Mr. McBody expressed some concern that instead of going to a hotel or resort, we are renting a private house without a fitness center. He definitely likes his fitness center, his machines. Whatever will we do?

Never fear! I tossed a couple pairs of hand weights, a foam roller and medicine ball into the car. This is the joy of car travel – you can take ANYthing with you! (I also brought a big bag of books, all the shoes I own and a ton of other stuff I would not have brought on the plane) Plus about 4 Jillian Michaels DVDs, including the 30 Day Shred, which has kicked my butt and made me happy on numerous occasions.

I went for a 4.75 mile walk in the cool rain yesterday morning. My DirectLife told me that this was pretty good, but only 70% of my daily target. Hmm. Who knew. Running is a much more efficient calorie-burner than walking. (duh) I knew I’d have to do something else.

I started in to bugging him around 2pm. He hemmed and hawed. Finally he set me up with a deal: If I would listen to a 20 minute podcast about WWII and the Great Depression (did you know he is a MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE history geek?), then he would do the 30 Day Shred with me. OK. DEAL.

I listened to the podcast. It was pretty good, and not the greatest hardship in the world, since in some parallel universe, I happen to be writing a historical novel set during WWII. So it was helpful, kinda.

The moment had come! But we are staying in a super fancy rental home with a space-age entertainment center, a cabinet full of electronic equipment that says DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED $100, and a remote control with 500 buttons on it. We got the DVD into the player and could not for the life of us get it past the menu where you have to choose which workout. We wrestled with the remote for about half an hour, which burned about 20 calories.

Then we came upon the brilliant idea that we could play it on our laptop. Voila!!

He was a trooper. He said he’d go for Level 2. I was like, YEAH Mister! Jillian started it up and from then on there was not much conversation. But he hung in there, I hung in there (with 8 lb weights!) and we had a KILLER workout that left us both sweating rivers. It was excellent.

He was way impressed! On the way to dinner, he said (several times) “I’m really glad we did that! I feel great!” So yay. Maybe tomorrow (today?) we will try the Yoga one. He also expressed amazement that she did not humiliate us during the workout. Haha.

So go Jillian, you’ve got another convert! and maybe I have an at-home exercise buddy.


7 Responses to “Mister McBody, Meet Jillian!”

  1. MizFit Says:

    My husband? would never ever.


  2. msgigglepuss Says:

    I always am making deals with my husband to get him to work out with me. I have not been able to get him to try 30 Day Shred with Jillian yet. He’s more of a laugh at Leslie Sansone and her crew type. Congrats on getting your husband to do it!

  3. Mel Says:

    I have this dvd and let me tell you, Jillian totally kicks my assets all over town. However, when I started this fitness journey I couldn’t do it at all. Now I can make it through level 1. My hubby, I don’t believe, has tried this one yet, but he does 5ks with me and that’s enough to make my heart sing.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you for this! You’ve had two posts that totally helped me at the right time–and I’ve so appreciated it. The past few days I’ve been trying to decide if I should plan to walk one hour a day as part of my routine. This is a reminder it may not be time best spent. Thanks! Love your blog & really appreciate your writing.

  5. David Says:

    Wonderful post! And inspirational, to boot.
    My wife and daughter have been shredding with Jillian in the basement for the past month while I revise my novel in the other room. Maybe it’s time I got off my butt and did 20 minutes with them. (I won’t even bargain with my wife–so she won’t have to listen to that Charles Dickens audiobook)

    • David, that’s awesome! I think you should give it a try. What’s 20 minutes? And I think you will be amazed.
      PS. Hey I would listen to Charles Dickens audiobook without hesitation!!!! That would be icing on the cake! No pun.

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