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It’s Working.. And I Didn’t Even Ask It To July 16, 2010

Remember my “wish” to lose ten pounds maybe, like sort of?  Well, after much deliberation I decided to not sweat it or “try” to do anything; I’d just keep doing whatever I was doing, and whatever happened, would happen.

Then Mary came to visit and I watched her take pictures of all her food. For the first 3 days, I just watched her, and I ate all the yummy things she was eating PLUS MORE. The weight started creeping up. Then on her fourth day, I started foodblogging as well.

See what happened? That’s my weight up there. From the very first day. This was not on purpose, ie I wasn’t “trying” to lose weight, I was just trying to be more mindful and accountable for what I ate.

The one little uptick you see there is the day I forgot to take my medication which allows me to not look like a watery bloated sausage.

The difference between the top of the graph and the bottom of the graph (today) is 5.2 pounds.

Just sayin’.

I’m taking my camera with me EVERYwhere from now on.🙂

EDITED: Hmph. Facebook tells me that this blog post has been rated as “abusive” by Facebook users and so they have disabled the link. What is THAT about? Am I being boycotted by anti-scale people??


13 Responses to “It’s Working.. And I Didn’t Even Ask It To”

  1. That’s awesome. I’m really glad it works so well for you! Woohoo!

  2. You are doing so awesome!!!

  3. Maybe right now isn’t the time for me to jump into something, given the state of my emotions, but I’m tempted…

  4. tenpounds Says:

    Cool! I will be jealously trying it too. It certainly never seems to make anyone put on weight, does it?

  5. Shannon Says:

    Wow Susan! Way to go woman!! That food blogging makes sense and you would be much more accountable for sure. Keep doing what your doing🙂

  6. terrepruitt Says:

    Sites often see things as “abusive” or “bad” when they do weird things and what I am experiencing is that when I click your “started foodblogging” it leads me back to this same post, instead of to your foodblog as I thought it would. So maybe it was flagged as “abusive” because it is kind of um . . . not something that a computer algorithme would understand? Does that make sense? Maybe? I don’t know, Foodie, I am just guessing.

    • thanks terre! someone on Twitter just told me that Facebook now automatically flags as “abusive” any link that comes from
      OK. Whatever! I guess that makes some weird sense, it just startled me.

      • terrepruitt Says:

        I did a post on FB and I didn’t get flagged. I think it is the link that circles back to this post. But I don’t know. Sometimes I think computers, programs, software, hardware, all of it has a mind of it own.

  7. Hanlie Says:

    I haven’t started photographing my food yet, but I will (probably from Wednesday). I am very excited about it!

    Good job, Foody!

  8. tj Says:

    lol ABUSIVE?? So weird!

    I think taking pics of food totally helps me think about what I eat- guess that is why I do it!🙂 Congrats on the loss!🙂 WHOOHOO!

  9. MizFit Says:

    ok the abusive thing is so ODD
    that happened to me once about something…now Im drawing a blank on what it was but something totally benign.

    I love this post because it is proof of how different we all are and that we just need to find what works for US.


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