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Food Bloggers at Work! July 6, 2010

A little excessive

Originally uploaded by pkingDesign

Ha ha. Pretty soon this will be me.

OKAY! Now it IS ME! I’m officially a food blogger who totes camera to every meal!! Follow it here…..


6 Responses to “Food Bloggers at Work!”

  1. terrepruitt Says:

    This is what Yelpers do all the time. Sometimes I am complaining at my husband because he is taking pictures and my food it getting cold. Some food is just not as good cold.

    • I think this comes naturally to me because I am also a Yelper! Oooh, tell me your husband’s Yelp name, I’d love to follow him.

    • terrepruitt Says:

      Pshaw! Forget my husband, FRIEND ME! I didn’t know you were a Yelper!

      My husband is (I don’t know, I have to look), oh, he is just John P. I am Terre P. I sent you a friend request.

      He isn’t eating out as much as before because I am making his lunch. That way he doesn’t have to leave his desk. He is a salesman so sometimes being away from the desk means missed calls.

  2. hanlie Says:

    You will have to tell us whether it’s helped you or not. I can’t really see myself doing this…

  3. Pubsgal Says:

    Oh, that photo cracked me up!

    That’s a cool concept, using photos as a tracking tool. It would definitely help turn subconscious eating into a more mindful activity. I hesitate because of the time factor (more in the posting than in taking the photos), but considering how much time I spent calorie tracking, might not be a bad trade-off.

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