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Yes, Virginia, You Can Eat Cupcakes on Weight Watchers! June 25, 2010

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So today was a great day. TODAY was the Goalaversary of my WW BFF, Bethany. And as our celebration for today we agreed to meet at the Cupkates truck, which by miraculous coincidence happened to be parking one block away from my office at lunchtime! Normally this is my big busy work day and I only have a short time at midday.

We were very excited about this plan. We both love cupcakes. And I loved that we, as two dedicated WW leaders (she for THREE YEARS at goal, me at one year) could enjoy this treat to the utmost. Proving once again that Weight Watchers is about living and not dieting.

I also had my diabetes to contend with, so I made a point of testing my blood right in front of the truck. It was a good number. I got there a few minutes after the truck and already there was a long line. Word had spread (through Twitter and Facebook!) and there was already quite a line.

This was actually good because it gave us a chance to study the menu and ponder what we would pick. Although it wasn’t a super hard choice for me. I knew  I wanted Salted Caramel. Bethany picked S’mores. In the end I decided to buy one of each and bring them back to the office to share with my co-workers.  They’re not what you would call a partying bunch of folks so I knew it would be a big surprise.

Finally it was our turn. We were so excited! We got to meet CupKate herself, who not only is happy and cute (does she not have the world’s BEST JOB? Driving around selling cupcakes to people, and making them awesomely happy??), but she was wearing this adorable CupKates hoodie which I am now madly coveting.

We got our cupcakes and then went to sit in my building’s lobby to enjoy them. And ENJOY WE DID. First we gazed lovingly at each cupcake. We affirmed our personal choices and then we… ate them! (for the record, I ate half of mine, mostly because I was concerned re the sugar) They were…. AMAZING. DELICIOUS. MOIST. HEAVENLY. INCREDIBLE. Yeah. Definitely the best cupcake I had ever eaten. Totally worth the 4 points I’m assuming it was (for half the cupcake).


Happily, my blood sugar had started out so low, it stayed good even 45 minutes and 2 hours after the cupcake. So that was great. But I started getting reallllllllllllly hungry around 3pm. And I had no food. BOY did I want protein. But I had to go lead my WW meeting. Did not get out until almost 8, at which point I was not a happy camper, hungerwise. (note to self: carry protein!)

I went to the middle Eastern restaurant near my house. I got these ginormous plate of STUFF and immediately snarfed down the hard boiled egg and hummus. Then I picked at the salad and had a little triangle of pita and I was done.

So… the cupcake was fantastic. But it’s not what I would call lunch.

I’m so happy we did this. I really am. Because it was probably the most MINDFUL cupcake eating experience I ever had. I loved loved loved not feeling guilty about one crumb of it. I planned for it. (what I didn’t plan for so well was the rest of the day after that) I savored it. I loved it! And I am not worried that half a cupcake is going to send me over any edge. It didn’t. Happiness all around, yay for cupcakes and yay for us!!


8 Responses to “Yes, Virginia, You Can Eat Cupcakes on Weight Watchers!”

  1. terrepruitt Says:

    Awesome. I have never heard of CupKate. Too cute. That does sound like a fun job.

    And the menu sounds yummy. I am not a cake fan, but I would have wanted one salted caramel and the smore. They look beautiful.

    Glad you enjoyed!

    GREAT (!) pictures!!!!

  2. Bethany Says:

    best. day. EVER! like i said, i think i found my soul mate in that s’more cupcake. <> pure heaven.
    thanks again for helping me celebrate!

  3. hanlie Says:

    Sounds great! Those cupcakes really look nice…

  4. tj Says:

    Great pics!🙂 Congrats on your anniversary! I say ABSOLUTELY cupcakes & WW can go together- EVERYTHING in moderation- that is what I LOVE about WW!🙂 WHOOHOOO!🙂

  5. laurajane Says:

    Awesome! Great way to celebrate!

  6. Sweeter Says:

    OMIGOSH! I also love cupcakes!!! A cupcake truck! Brilliant. I wonder if there are any around here? Salted caramel sounds completely yum!

    Congrats on your anniversary!

  7. […] So I’ll tell you what happened next. We went to find the Cupkates cupcake truck!! I’ve been visiting that old truck a bit as of late. Mary wanted to experience it. And I wanted to bring some to my coworkers. I bought a little box and brought it to work. All afternoon I thought about those cupcakes. I thought, I don’t want to take a photograph of a cupcake. And I don’t want to eat it. It was an amazing moment! And such a deterrant. I don’t know if I would’ve just gone ahead and eaten a cupcake if I wasn’t doing this blog. Anyway, no photo of a cupcake here because I didn’t eat it! (if you want to see a cupcake, go here) […]

  8. […] of time lately and I just wasn’t feeling as exuberant as I did last year.  I didn’t go out and have cupcakes. However, at my meeting last night I fastened some curly ribbons to my nametag and at the end of […]

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