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I went to see my endocrinologist today, yes, the same one who was immortalized in my show! She was as great as ever.

I was nervous. I had a feeling that my A1C levels had increased. I knew this because my fasting and random blood levels have been up. We went through reasons why this might be so, and they were pretty obvious: menopause and stress. O boy!! And it turns out to be true: my levels had increased from 5.9 last time, to 6.0 now. It’s not TERRIBLE by any means (I was 6.8 when I was first diagnosed) but I’d love to get sub-6 again.

I know I’ve been stressed. This is no secret. But I am not going to ditch my job(s) at this point. It’s going to let up after one of my jobs decreases significantly in July, and hopefully by then my other job will be easier. And unfortunately there is not much I can do about menopause (sigh). I had my first night sweats about a month ago. FUN!

I am pretty much exercising at maximum level, given my schedule. I’m doing as well as I can, eating wise. I haven’t gained weight, give or take a pound or two, since six months ago. So what else is there to do?

I’m increasing my Metformin dose, from 500 to 2000mg. This was actually a huge relief to me. As long as it wasn’t insulin! She reassured me that I am a looooooooooong ways off from that step. She also reminded me that my dose was virtually one step above a placebo, ie not very much.

She also said that overall I am doing “excellent” and that my other blood tests (triglycerides, cholesterol, liver and kidney function) were “perfect.” She said that I am in the “top 3%” of all of her diabetic patients. Which made me wag my tail. Good me!

Some people are very anti-medication. And I do not think they should be used excessively. But I am happy to use them if they are going to help my health.