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Time Squeeze March 22, 2010

Well, I’m in one of those places where I have so much to blog about but not enough time. This upcoming week is going to be CRAZY. I’m finishing up one of my classes which means I have mega papers to read and grade; I’m doing my final week of training before the MARATHON; I’m squeezing in a ton of work because next week (the day after the marathon!) I am taking off for Costa Rica (this does not even seem REAL to me) to help my BFF celebrate her 50th Bday. (one great thing about turning such a nice round age is that your friends all have these great celebrations!)

But there is so much on my mind. These are the things I would love to blog about when I catch a minute sometime.

  1. I’ve just recently had several spontaneous Twitter conversations about people who want to know how to deal with good friends who are very overweight or unfit. I have soooooo many thoughts on this. My short two cents on it: “Love ’em and leave ’em alone.” But it’s a lot more complicated than that, and I want to write about it.
  2. My aspirations for Fitbloggin‘ 2011 and how sad I am to have missed all the fun at 2010 last weekend.
  3. Why running is not like riding a bicycle. Even though I cannot ride a bicycle.
  4. How I got a little lackadaisical with the diabetes monitoring and then woke up. Again.
  5. “Feeling fat.” That’s gonna be a big one. It was inspired by reading this.
  6. And also inspired by a recent incident of TERRIBLE vanity-sizing in which I tried on a size 12 garment that I bought in 1982, and it WOULD NOT BUTTON.
  7. Geneen Roth’s hot new book, Women Food & God and how I think its message is more aligned with Weight Watchers than a lot of people seem to believe.

As always, I will take votes for which ones to tackle first! When I have a minute. Maybe on an airplane. Wait, are they going to have Wi-Fi in Costa Rica? Uh oh.


16 Responses to “Time Squeeze”

  1. Mary Going Says:

    Hey! I’m so psyched about the marathon this weekend!!

    Voting: I want to hear the story of lackadaisical. Then, I want to hear why riding a bicycle and running are not the same thing.

  2. Larkspur Says:

    I want to hear about all of these, but I guess we come after Costa Rica🙂

  3. caloriegirl Says:

    AHAHAHA, I have to vote, ok…here is my vote..Do whatever makes you happy!
    BUT, I have to admit I am interested in your thoughts on “helping” an overweight friend who HATES healthy food & is miserable about her weight. How do you help someone who is in the dark that the way to lose is to change? Then how do you deal with that person? They seem to be in such a different dimension to the point that you feel you are comprising yourself. It’s like being a recovering drug addict…how can you still hang out with drug addicts? Yet, how can you abandon a friend that you love? BIG DILEMMA for many people.

  4. ernise Says:

    I’m totally w/ you on #1. Love ’em & leave ’em is my motto as well! One will not make a change until the individual is ready on their own. Then and only then will the changes made really stick.

    I want to hear about #3. You really can’t ride a bike?

    Enjoy your trip!

    • I can ride a bike, but only on flat, wide roads with absolutely no traffic (I MEAN CLOSED TO TRAFFIC COMPLETELY), and I am white-knuckling it the entire time. I prefer the kind of old-lady bike that Miss Gulch rides in The Wizard of Oz. Complete with doggie basket in front.

  5. biz319 Says:

    I can’t even imagine you being lackadaisical on your monitoring?!

    Wow, flying the day after the marathon – you are a brave woman, but I bet you’ll have a wonderful time!

  6. natalee Says:

    have a great time! I would love to hear your thoughts on feeling fat. Great blog you referenced too. I have found for the meeting topic this week many members are constantly binging. many quit because of it. I have been digging deep this week with them. Many tears. I think they need to devote like an entire 6 weeks on binging. And by the way a member asked me today what’s with most ALL the WW products having the evil high fructose corn syrup in their products. China attributes their weight gain as country to HFCS. Its bad stuff. Have FUN at the marathon and on vacation!

  7. Natalee, I have never heard WW use a meeting a topic that directly addresses the B word. (binge) How enlightening would THAT be. I would love to hear more about your “digging deep” and how you did that, esp with this topic. My meetings are Wed/Thurs and I am still mulling over how to present it.

  8. natalee Says:

    Honestly I ask them what do they keep repeating like a broken record. If I work at a center I literally had the same song on repeat in the meeting room. ha ha.

    I asked how many blow it by binges on the weekends then play catch up to take off what they gained and then they weigh in and either gain or maintain or tempted not come back at all. The other thing that goes out the window with that behevaior on the weekend is tracking. Then they find it so hard to get back on the wagon with that. IT all is so connected as you and I know. Those are the 2 things this week I have found that members keep repeating. A couple of them fold when they are around food pushers… so that was a repeating behavior too

    I just found this week if you help them with laughter to just bring out the repeative behavior it disarms them as many feel so ashamed to come right out and say–I ATE 200 points.

    I would love WW Pick apart the B word over a 6 week period. One week we could talk about “feeling fat” and the next week can be the reward we get from it, etc etc. Heck we could write the meeting guide HA HA.

    Hope my thoughts help this week for ya. Keep it real and that leads to the river flowing.

  9. lolasphat Says:

    i’d like to hear how you tackle overweight friends, only because i have had some friends tell me (and i’m 80lbs overweight) that they are going to talk to their other friend or uncle or whatever about how overweight they are and I say OH HELLZ NO!
    And now I’m wondering if this was their round about way of talking to me about my weight.

  10. Liz Says:

    I vote for #5 or #6 when you have time (and Wi-Fi)!

  11. Quix Says:

    Marathon and costa rica!!! Jealous of both.🙂 Have a wonderful, wonderful time!

  12. MizFit Says:

    sooo excited for you!!!

  13. Gosh that’s a hard one to tackle! Love your friends and respect them. Encourage them by asking them to activities that get them out and about. An overweight person has to help themselves and make that decision. So we all need to respect that. But as a best friend, to encourage and inspire is key. Have fun in Costa Rica!!! I wish I was there!!🙂

  14. Shannon Says:

    Oh man I have so many thoughts on #1 so so many! LOL #3 seriously? I thought you just did not like it.
    You are going to rock that marathon🙂
    Can’t wait to hear about all of these things, all of them!

  15. Michael-David Says:

    I’d vote for #7 — hands down — although the running and bike thing also peaks my interest. Hope you are having a blast on your trip!

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