I can’t help it, I gotta liveblog. Who’s out there tonight, Pacific time?

Love the Tongan cousins! Love the Puerto Rican mother-daughter. SI PODEMOS! Love the identical twins. Love Sunshine & O’Neal. Damn, I love everyone. You go, people. YOU GO.

The guy who can’t put on his own shoes? How sad is that. And how said about beautiful Sunshine. GORGEOUS and she has never had a boyfriend or kissed a boy. I predict this is going to happen on this show.  There’s a lot of people in this season who want love.

I feel for them. I feel for them so much. These public weigh-ins? Are they different from doing it on TV?  Maybe. It ALL takes a lot of guts. But they can see the support in front of them.

OH, I love the @shrinkingjeans is heading up a commercial-break live workout. So far I’ve done a two-minute wall sit (BURN, thighs!), 90 crunches and at next commercial, it’s pushups (my fave, o boy).

Ali looks beautiful at the ranch. Their first challenge is a 26.2 mile bike challenge! OK, I’d be OUT immediately. (Shannon at the Fabulous Fatties could totally smoke this!)

Commercial time. PUSHUPS! AGH!

Just did 20 knee pushups and 20 toe pushups. Sweaty and a little pukey. But this is a GREAT way to watch Biggest Loser!

They’re in the bike challenge.  The 500 lb guy looks like he’s gonna fall off. Green team has got some major Tara Costa energy. Unstoppable. SI PODEMOS!

OK I just started sobbing when the 500 lb White team guy (Mike) finished his 26.2 miles. Crying more now that the two teams are in their limos. Sunshine and O’Neal! I’m freaking out!!

OMG. Bob & Jillian in the road! They stop the limos. THANK GOD.  I knew they couldn’t be that cruel.

I missed the squat challenge so I’m gonna do some planks instead. Now: imaginary jumpropes. (my favorite kind, the real kind make me trip!)

What a couple of little pranksters, Bob & Jillian pulling the fire alarm like a couple of kids. Snicker snicker! Big Mike picks up Jillian like she’s a twig. She IS a twig.

Into the gym. Twins on the elliptical! Everyone’s falling over. Screaming wall sits. Ha ha.

True confessions time. They’re bawling. I’m bawling.  I just finished my imaginary jumprope and I’m panting. Just broke 2100 calories burned today, yahoo. They’re now getting their Bodybuggs! Yay!!!!!! Wow!

I plank until my arms tremble. Feels great.

Weigh-ins: Green team starts out losing a ton. Thank goodness they actually lost and did not waterload. Yay. Si se puede! Migdalia & Miggy.

Holy crap. The Tongans have lost almost 50 lbs in one week!!! They do the now-familiar Tongan dance. Yahoo! I am happy for them. WOW. Orange team loses 43 lbs, up to 7.5%. Amazing! I like the Oranges. Meanwhile, I’m doing lunges with 8 lb weights, just like Jillian does on 30Day Shred. (you know, I normally do not like working out at night, but I am feeling good; I like this)

So, the vote comes down to the twins on the Brown team. Of course, how impossible is this? And how sad.  So it looks like they are voting to keep the guy on the ranch who has the job and the family. Which seems like the right thing to do.

OMG: he lost 100 lbs in two months and he looks so good. GOOD WORK James! He just said, “The gym has become my work.”  He’s got a cutie pie adorable wife, and now they cook together! Yay! I can relate to what he said. I feel like in some ways the gym is my work, too.

I love this show.