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I’ve Got Mail! Yay! January 5, 2010


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This morning, when I woke up and opened my computer, I found an email from my dear spouse. He usually wakes up about 2 hours before I do, and he likes to peruse the online news. Most days he will send me an article that he finds interesting, and about half an hour after I get up, he’ll ask, Didja read that thing I sent you?

Today he sent me an article from the Wall Street Journal. Basically it’s about the myriad benefits of exercise, in addition to weight loss. It’s the fountain of youth! It’s Prozac in sneakers, and chicken soup on a treadmill. In other words, it helps just about anything.

Regular workouts may help fight off colds and flu, reduce the risk of certain cancers and chronic diseases and slow the process of aging.

I immediately downloaded the article into my “healthy articles” file, and forwarded it to a bunch of other WW buddies. Then I stopped and laughed.

A year ago (just a year! really!) if he had sent me the same article (which he did, regularly, for about 3-4 years), I would have glanced at the title, read a sentence or two, snarled something hostile and punched the DELETE key. He did gently try to prod me in the direction of health and fitness for years, but I really was not having anything of it. I would respond by finding my own obscure articles about how moderately overweight people lived longer than normal-weight people, or about the prevalence of sports injuries (LOL). I was a prime example of that unfertile soil that is just NOT ready to sprout any seeds. (I think this was a Bible parable I learned at camp once, and it was also a song in Godspell)

I felt like HE wanted me to lose weight. (well, I guess he did. He did want me to be healthy) Which made me adamantly OPPOSED to the idea of losing weight. This fell into the “What, you think I’m fat?!?” category. Never mind that I KNEW I was fat. And miserable. And unable to climb stairs without getting winded. And only able to fit into elastic waisted pants.

That’s how it used to be with Weight Watchers, too. It’s a great program. It’s always been a great program. But for so many years I was just not ready to hear about it, think about it, much less DO IT. Now that I’m, as woo-woo types will say, “open to it,” it all kind of pours in and I’m like, “Wow! This is so great!!” I pore through the program materials and it all just seems BRILLIANT. Ha ha.

But it just does go to show that:

1. It’s all about timing.
2. You have to be doing it for YOU and not for anyone else.
3. When you’re ready, the teachers are there.

Another aside: The latest season of Biggest Loser begins tonight! How happy am I that Tuesday night is the ONLY weeknight I don’t have a WW meeting!! I’m getting my box of tissues ready. Yeah yeah yeah, I know we’ve been through the argument a hundred times before, but I stand my ground. I love this show and to witness people changing their lives for health. It does not fail to move me.


7 Responses to “I’ve Got Mail! Yay!”

  1. Don’t you love those “hey, I’ve evolved!” moments?πŸ™‚ What’s even better is that even though your hub wanted you to be healthier, you did it (and are doing it) for yourself. πŸ™‚ Yea Foodie!

  2. Larkspur Says:

    My husband Never. Said. A. Word. Which meant I had to fight with myself and not with him. It truly does seem to be useless to try to talk someone into losing weight– like trying to talk them into falling into (or out of) love.

  3. Quix Says:

    Amen. My mother nagged me for YEARS to lose weight. It was just annoying, did nothing to further my cause, and probably made me NOT want to do it just to rebel. When I got it in my head to do it for reals, I did it. It wasn’t anyone’s prodding, it was my own ah ha! moment and then I was off and running.

    Now it’s me prodding HER to eat better and more reasonably. The woman does not understand moderation, it’s either full on south beach/atkins or shoveling cake in her mouth.

  4. Yep Quix, I too rebelled against my mother by getting fat. I’ve written extensively about itπŸ˜‰ And Larkspur, my husband didn’t say anything either and I’ve written about that too. LOL It’s sort of a blessing and a curse that my husband loves me just the way I am. When I lost weight he was happy for me, and now that I’ve gained a little back, I know he feels my pain a bit, but loves me just the same. He never says a word…he’s sort of a model for how I should treat myself.

  5. Hola! I agree. God does have his perfect timing for leading each of us to make a change in our lives. I also believes He places certain individuals on our weight loss journey to inspire and support others; I know I always need that! I look forward to seeing us all achieve success!

    PS – I cried for almost the whole Biggest Loser episode Tuesday night. My husband’s sweater became my tissue box you mentioned!

  6. Lance Says:

    Hi Ms. McBody,
    So true…we have to be ready for the message ourselves, before it will really get to our core. And wow! It sounds like you have had an incredible year!

  7. nutellamama Says:

    Thanks so much for this great article! When I was young, I ran so that I could eat a lot and stay skinny. When I was a little older, I discovered it helped my mood and mental health better than anything else out there. Now that I am in “the prime of life”, having lost one parent to cancer and taking care the other, with dementia, I am RUNNING FOR MY BRAIN and for my life. I want to be one of those healthy jolly old ladies on the Kaiser commercials! This kind of article really helps keep my commitment up by stoking my optimism that genetics is not destiny. Thanks foodie.

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