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It’s Official!! I’m a WW Leader! November 6, 2009

Whewwwwww… what a DAY.

Got up super early because I couldn’t sleep. I think I was rehearsing/muttering my meeting points all night in my sleep. Showered, got dressed. (same dress/sweater combo as training weekend) Drove to meeting, got there about an hour early. Clipped up my flip-chart pages and then stood around and twiddled thumbs. Went to the bathroom. Paced the meeting room to and fro, loitered at receptionist desk, etc etc etc.  Finally the members began trickling in and the room filled up.  A few of my friends came in and I was so happy to see them: two who are already WW members, and one who decided to join TODAY. Yay! Then it was time to start. SHOW TIME.

All I can say is that it went well. I felt good. I was happy to have an eye on the clock so I was able to pace myself. I got everything in that I had wanted to.  People connected with the topic and with each OTHER, which is a key thing.  One of the things they did at training one day was to have us all stand in a circle and pass this ball of yarn back and forth; eventually it made this big criss-crossy web. Which was to demonstrate what we are supposed to be doing with our members, creating a web of connection between them. I felt like I could visualize this happening throughout the meeting time and it was way cool!

After the meeting, the leaders/manager sat down to give me Feedback. Overall, it was reallllllly positive. They had been taking notes (which they gave me) which said: “Very comfortable in leader role. Warm, enthusiastic, natural smile. Professional demeanor. Excellent approach to meeting topic, well prepared.” YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

Then they told me a few little “areas of improvement” which I totally agreed with and which were very helpful. But they were teeny tiny and just fine tuning. THEN they said, “So, how’d you like to lead an at-work meeting?” I said, “Sure, that would be great,” and then they said, “Starting today! In an hour?”

WOW. So I zipped out of there, did a quick errand I need to do at home, and zipped over to the office building where the At-Work meeting was. The reason for this incredibly rapid succession of events is that my leader was promoted to Territory Manager LAST NIGHT and now needs to find leadership for his 7 (!!) meetings. This was the first one. Now it’s mine!! So I led the meeting AGAIN, and he introduced me and basically turned it over to me.  It’s a small group and I really liked the people there.  That meeting had a totally different feel but I think it went well.

Then I came home and collapsed. Woweeeee!!!!!!!

I want to thank everyone for the great support you’ve shown me since I began this process. I feel like I’ve been so incredibly buoyed by everyone here and at Twitter. THANK YOU.


16 Responses to “It’s Official!! I’m a WW Leader!”

  1. Brandie Says:

    I am so happy for you! congratulations…you did it!

  2. Ilana DeBare Says:

    Congrats! So well deserved! Let us know when you have a regular meeting scheduled, and I will try to attend.

  3. Carolyn Says:

    Congratulations! You were great! Sorry I had to leave quickly, but getting a ticket would not be a good start to my journey at WW! It felt good to be back there. I think people added positive comments and that the members liked the meeting. The staff was really nice. Interesting to see the changes from 10 years ago. It is different and the same. Now I just have to be mindful and do it. Kinda scary….

  4. That is so awesome!!! I want to be there(a leader) too someday…you inspire me!

  5. jen (@bwJen) Says:

    YOU ROCK!!! I knew you would do great and you did it!! I wish Cali wasn’t so far away so I could sit in on one of your meetings! I know you are going to be the best leader! Have fun and keep being you!!

    I am so proud of you!!
    ❤ jen

  6. Hanlie Says:

    Congratulations! I knew you’d do great!

    I like the yarn idea…

  7. that is so great!!

    look at you! 2 meetings already!!

  8. Hilary Says:

    Congratulations!! You’re one of the most well-qualified peeps I know of for this leadership role and you totally deserve this!

  9. I am so excited for you! You will be the best WW leader ever and help so many people. If I did live by you I would stalk the WW meetings🙂

  10. Wendy Says:

    Wowee, congratulations! I hope you’ll be visiting the El Cerrito sat am meeting soon!

  11. GeorgiaMist Says:


  12. Larkspur Says:

    Trial by fire, but that’t the best way to master it! Gratz!

  13. Shelley B Says:

    Congratulations – any group will be lucky to have you as their leader!!!

  14. […] at our fabulous friends- This has been an exciting week for a couple of our friends.  Susan a.k.a. Foodie McBodyhas officially became a Weight Watchers leader.  WOOT!  How cool is that?  She is the perfect […]

  15. terrepruitt Says:

    Wow! Their notes about you would have had me floating off the ground. (“Very comfortable in leader role. Warm, enthusiastic, natural smile. Professional demeanor. Excellent approach to meeting topic, well prepared.” ) What great compliments. Wonderful things to be reminded of that you have/are/do.

    That is really cool. I am glad it went well for you and that you are already on your way. Jumping in the pool is sometimes the best way instead of wading in an inch or so at a time.

    Congrats to you. I am so happy all of your hard work paid off.

  16. Tilly Clark Says:

    I’ve been knocked out by a nasty (non-H1N1) virus all week, so I got to read all of this in one huge zero point gulp! Way to go Foodie! I knew you’d do good!

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