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Nia jammmmmmin’! October 5, 2009

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IMG_0660The Nia Jam today was so great. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every class could have a dozen awesome teachers, go on for an hour and a half and just be enormous? I would love it.

I went in feeling not so psyched and kind of trepidatious, what with the stupid boot and all. I was feeling kind of glum and like I was going to have to be on the sidelines of all the fun.  I had a chair set up in the back if necessary. But I ended up not needing it at all. I was so surprised (and thrilled!) that I was able to do about 80% of the moves, even the turns and twirls, in my boot! AND I got a great workout, I was nice and sweaty afterward.

BIG fun is that I got to meet the awesome Terre Pruitt, the lovely Nia teacher who started commenting on my blog after my very first Nia class! She’s sweet and adorable and also has great dimples.

I was re-energized. And encouraged. If I could do a 90 minute Nia Jam, then I can DEFINITELY go back to my regular Nia classes, even with the boot. Yay!

It’s probably my last Nia for a while, though. On Tuesday morning I am taking off for the East Coast, for the grand finale/icing on the cake/best birthday celebration ever. (yes, my birthday was in August, I believe in drawing it out as long as possible!) And I’ll also be getting to celebrate my beloved daughter’s 19th birthday with her! (not something I was expecting, so it’s a special gift for both of us) I’ll be with some of my dearest friends ever, people I never get to see enough of, and we’re capping it off with dinner at the awesome, original, one and only Moosewood restaurant! I can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Then I come home, and a few days later it’s off to Weight Watcher leader training. October is nonstop on the go!


13 Responses to “Nia jammmmmmin’!”

  1. terrepruitt Says:

    You were so amazing today. A couple of times we went into the “bow” (right back) and I looked over at you to make sure you were taking it easy on your ankle and you were doing great. I would love to spend sometime with you; coffee, lunch, or something, it was too quick today our little meeting.

    Thank you for posting our picture and including me in your blog.

    I feel so blessed to have been led to your blog and to have gotten to communicate with you and finally meet you (YAY!).

    Let me know how we can work it out to visit. I know you are super busy so I can come up your way.

    Have a great trip. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you celebrate your birthday in a long extended fashion. That is so how birthdays should be. And happy birthday to your daughter.

  2. MizFit Says:

    How freakin cute are you.
    I love when you post pics here/FB of your SMILING FoodieMcBody countenance.

    Have a great week!

    • Terre Pruitt Says:

      MizFit, You are so right! She is so freakin cute. I just wanted to hug her when I was looking at her. She is very pretty and her face radiants this youthful glow. It is amazing!

  3. Pubsgal Says:

    Yeayyy!!! Glad you got to enjoy your Nia jam!🙂 Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip, and happy birthday to your daughter!

    (Another vote for “Foodie *is* freakin cute” here!)

  4. You GUYS. You’re making me blush.

  5. Shelley B Says:

    I’m so glad you got to enjoy Nia Jam to its’ fullest! Great picture of you both!

  6. Larkspur Says:

    You are adorable and well, let’s face it, trim. Wonder how the WW leader training is going?

    • I’m going to head to the 3 day Leader Training a few days after I return from NY. This month is crazy! I am excited to get the “big book” of WW training materials and start leading meetings for real.

  7. balanceinbites Says:

    Moosewood! I’m so jealous! =P Have an awesome time =D

    -Allison (

  8. Lori Says:

    Have a great trip! I am all about prolonging birthdays, too!

  9. KnK Says:

    you look freaking FANTASTIC in that picture.

  10. mel Says:

    You look great, Foodie McB!

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