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The Challenge Ends, But Not Really June 15, 2009

So the Fabulous Fatties’ Health Challenge is officially over. I came in with a total of 1,765 points. We’ll see how this stacks up when they tally up the results today. According to my home scale, I think I lost 3 lbs over the two weeks. Which, if it’s true, I’ll be very pleased with.

We were supposed to write a 50-word piece about how the Challenge affected us, so this is what I sent to the FabFatties:

The points are in, the chart filled up
Time for final judgment. The bad?  Water.
Could not gulp those 64 ounces, not one day.
The good? Exercise, fruits and veggies.
The beautiful? Good deeds: smiles add endorphins.
Weight? Three pounds lost, overall. And worth 3 pounds of gold.
Thanks, fabulosas!

So now the Challenge period is over. But does it make any sense to STOP doing the challenge things? I think not.  I realized pretty early on that a day without exercise equalled a day with very few points. So it spurred me to start exercising every day, or almost.  It also made me REALLY increase my fruit and veggie intake. I thought about the Challenge every time I went grocery shopping or to the farmers’ market, and I know it made me make better, fresher choices. So I don’t know about the rest of you – how are all the rest of Team Foodie doing? but I’m going to keep going.

As for my vacation: I was scared. You know when I left for my weekend away, I was two pounds up after a nice Indian dinner with friends. Everyone said it was sodium. But I didn’t know, and I then went away for four days without my scale. I did not dare use the scale at the hotel fitness center, because I’ve had bad experiences with Other scales.

So I tried to make Good Choices. But you know I promised two things before I went away: 1. that I would not drink alcohol, and 2. that I would not eat sugar/dessert.

Big, blaring BEEEEEP on both of those. I shocked myself. I actually drank 2 mojitos (one after the other!) AND I ate a piece of cake. With icing. (not on the same day, thank goodness) I was nervous. I wondered if I was going to blow the whole thing (what: almost 30 lbs?) in those little actions. Of course, it could be the beginning of a slippery slope. But I also knew some things about me. One is that I drink very, very rarely. I virtually never go to bars. But I was in the midst of a really great weekend with friends, and we happened to chance upon this awesome bar right across the street from my hotel. I wanted a mojito! I really did. I knew what a rare occurrence this was. So I went for it.  And accompanying the mojito, I ordered some grilled mushroom skewers, a bowl of edamame and some rare ahi salad. It was like the healthiest food ever.

During the rest of the weekend, I truly did eat well (other than the cake, which was one of the yummiest cakes ever). I exercised almost every day. And guess what? I came home four pounds down from my post-Indian-dinner high.

So. All things in moderation?

It’s still kind of mysterious. Why I lose. Why I gain. But this week my intention is to keep rockin’ the challenge, keep exercising, keep eating well.


9 Responses to “The Challenge Ends, But Not Really”

  1. dfalv38 Says:

    So glad you had a good week and good vacation weekend! And even better that you let yourself splurge a little. We all always have the best intentions, but I’ve found that I do a whole lot better when I have my treats here and there for special occasions. The important thing is to stay on plan the rest of the time. Sometimes it may mean the scale goes up a pound or two, but that comes back off once you get back on program. Sounds like you did a great job on your vacation weekend!

  2. ernsie Says:

    2 drinks and a piece of cake aren’t going to be the downfall to all that you have worked toward. There are times when we need a break from being in diligent tracking mode and this was yours. Since you rarely drink alcohol those 2 drinks will, in the long run, balance out. Think about the cake as a treat also!

    All in all, you have done an excellent job on your getting healthy journey. Enjoy your success and stick to those healthy tenets you’ve picked up over the past few months.

  3. I can relate to that feeling of “undoing” 30 pounds with one drink or one piece of cake (or one of each LOL). We KNOW that just doesn’t happen. What I know is that it CAN happen when we’re not aware, when one drink or one piece of cake turns into drinks and cake every day! Anyway, you did a fantastic job with the challenge! Now I need to make my report public🙂

  4. somedayistoday Says:

    The challenge is making it a lifestyle so that one drink and one piece of cake is no big deal when looking at it on the big scale (pun inteneded). Karen is so right in that it can happen but only when we’re not aware or denial of our surroundings! You’re doing such a wonderful job of changing that mindset for a life time! BTW – I love mojito’s…they are hard to resist! I rarely drink too but when a mojito is put in front of me…mmmm!🙂

  5. Rick Says:

    I think moderation is good when it comes to breaking a ‘diet’. If you have a piece of cake every once in a while it keeps you from breaking down and having a whole cake in one sitting and spinning out of control feeling like you failed at eating healthy!🙂

  6. Very wise. Challenges end, but the healthy habits you developed during them shouldn’t!

  7. Jade Park Says:

    Well–you gotta live! And 2 mojitos and a piece of cake doesn’t sound like diet armageddon in my book. You are near your weight goal, it’s a different landscape and I’m guessing it’s time to relax a tad (but at the same time be disciplined)–because whatever you do, you’re going to have to keep it up for a lifetime/lifestyle!

    And…I cannot imagine a life without an occasional mojito/cocktail or piece of cake, can you? 🙂

    You are continuing to exercise, continuing to be very conscious and you will be fine!

  8. They aren’t diet armageddon, but I was worried they could be diabetes armageddon (I checked afterward, and they weren’t!). And NO, I need these things if I’m going to keep this up forever! Just not every day or even every week.

  9. Hanlie Says:

    You did so well! I’m very pleased for you!

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