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Day One of Healthy Challenge: How’s It Going? May 29, 2009

I’m so excited! Today is day one of the Fabfatties’ Healthy Challenge! And I’m really excited because I know that I personally recruited many people to join in. I was surprised that a few people that I asked really hesitated, saying it was too much of a commitment, or too much time, or something. My feeling about that is that there’s no rule that says you have to do every single thing on the challenge. Even if you make ONE change, and get some points for that, it’s a great step in the right direction.

It’s so funny how our minds work, isn’t it? Now this challenge contains so many things that are already a part of WW or other plans, and yet for some reason they feel brand new because it’s a new and different context, and people are all excited about it, and Tweeting it, and it’s like, WOW, drinking water! Food journal! when it’s stuff that is certainly not new to me.

I am really eager to know how everyone is doing with this so far. Which parts of the challenge are super easy? (for me, it’s not drinking soda- I don’t anyway- but I know that others are really grappling with this big time) Which ones are hard?

Please check in here and let’s give each other support, suggestions, tips and kudos!

I knew right off what my hardest points would be: drinking water, and eating a healthy breakfast. In fact, I just ate my breakfast a few minutes ago. It’s 11:30am. Does that count as breakfast? Or did I skip breakfast and just eat breakfast food for an early lunch? (ha) I did get some points for the fruit/vegi category. My “breakfast” was some nonfat Fage yogurt with big fat blueberries, some walnuts and a drizzle of agave syrup. VERY YUM.

I exercised for 90 minutes today. Since I have my 5k race tomorrow morning, my trainer wanted to take it easy so we did no cardio- just a lot of strengthening and stretching. My right hip is giving me issues. I had to roll it out on a hard basketball, then a tennis balll, for quite a bit, and it really hurt. But I think I loosened it up a bit.

I drank 8 oz of water after my workout. I know this water thing is going to be challenging, partly because I don’t believe in it. I just read this last week in Mindful Eating and it made me laugh but I also agree with it:

In the last decade, there has been an epidemic of mind-induced thirst. ….Modern Americans feel compelled to carry around a water bottle at all times and sip from it frequently, much like a baby bottle, no matter where they are. This fetish began with a medical report stating that humans should drink 8-12 glasses of water a day. Tea and coffee didn’t count since they are diuretics. Your cells were crying out for water. Fearing death by dehydration (HA!) Americans began carrying glasses of water around. Product development departments noted, and responded quickly, spawning two huge new industries: bottled water and water bottles.

People now bring personal water bottles (everywhere), including into meditation halls. Apparently they are unable to endure various bodily sensations that they interpret as “dehydration” and cannot sit for sixty minutes without a drink. All the liquid that goes in must come out. People pop up and down to the bathroom like grasshoppers (LOL).

A few years ago a corrective report came out, announcing that people had misinterpreted the first report. Humans do need a total of 64 ounces of liquid a day, but it does not have to be drunk from a glass. It actually could ALL COME FROM FOOD, and tea and coffee counted! Studies showed that caffeinated beverages did not deplete the body’s liquids after all.

Why, in the midst of this epidemic of grownups toting and nursing from water bottles has no one asked how our grandparents, and the entire human race for tens of thousands of years escaped mass annihilation by dehydration? Our modern minds believed what magazines told us and overrode the wisdom in our bodies.

In other words, you don’t need to drink extra water unless you are THIRSTY. The only times I am actually thirsty are: 1) right after I exercise; and 2) when I eat very spicy food. Other than that, I do not really ever feel the need to drink.  So this 64 oz. thing is sort of annoying me but I am going to give it a shot and see what happens.

Other than that, things are going okay so far. I’ve checked off exercise, breakfast (even though it’s late). I’m tracking my food. Trying to come up with a good deed.


18 Responses to “Day One of Healthy Challenge: How’s It Going?”

  1. teetee_71 Says:

    Good luck in your 5K tomorrow!!!!

  2. Coach Nancy Says:

    I find it hard to drink water during the day too, but I think we probably don’t get enough. I went running a couple of weeks ago for a 7-mile-run, and got dehydrated–mouth totally dry, couldn’t keep going–kinda scary.

    For those of us who are running, especially as the temperature changes for us northerners and midwesterners, I think it’s a good idea to stay conscious of our fluid intake.

    Best of luck on your 5K. I’m doing a 10K on Sunday. We’ll twitter about it Monday🙂.

  3. I totally agree that we need to be super well hydrated when running a race or doing some other exerting exercise, but for just walking around, working, functioning? I don’t think we need “extra” water for that. I am going to force myself to drink before my 5k tomorrow even though I hate drinking anything in the morning. I know it will help for the race.

  4. Violeta Says:

    Day 1: The easiest part for me is the veggies/fruits and the breakfast; the hardest is anything having to do with exercise. I was doing better, and attempting C25K but then I badly bruised/maybe fractured my shin.
    As far as the water goes, that’s also a little tough but I know it’ll help me- I’ve had severe heat exhaustion a number of times in the past year…because I forget to drink (anything, not just water), do too much, and run after 3 kids in the heat and humidity while refusing to wear shorts! Maybe this will get me into a better habit?
    Thanks for recruiting me!

  5. Maybe fractured your shin!? Violeta, I hope you get that diagnosed/taken care of soon!!

    I think that heat exhaustion definitely means more water is necessary!

    YAY for the vegis and fruits- I saw you were making gazpacho -yum!

  6. Hanlie Says:

    I used to drink a lot of water, but the need has decreased as I’ve changed my diet to high-water content, mostly raw food. But I still drink water and getting in 8 glasses for this challenge is not too difficult!

    I’ve never really been into recording of my food intake, but it’s easy enough to do it for two weeks, so I don’t mind. The accountant in me quickly devised a spreadsheet. It’s not as if I’m counting calories, just writing down what I had. And I bet I’ll discover some interesting things in the process.

    I particularly like the idea of getting up and walking around lunch time. I sit at the computer for long hours and this is an excellent way to get the blood circulating and hopefully get some winter sun on my skin or rain on my face.

    As for breakfast, I have mine when I get back from gym, which is about 10:30 to 11:00. Before gym I have my two glasses of lemon water and my barley grass juice. I can’t exercise on a full stomach! This is also in keeping with the principle of Natural Hygiene, which says that you shouldn’t force-feed yourself the minute you open your eyes! The body is still in the elimination phase at that time…

    I have lunch at about 2pm and supper between 6 and 7 pm.

    And I don’t usually snack, except on Fridays, when my husband only gets home at 8pm and supper is delayed. I’ll have some fruit at about 6pm.

    Now you know a lot about me!

  7. Hanlie, I love the idea of using food journal as a way of just being… curious. To see if there are particular patterns or interesting things. I’m excited to know the things you will learn!

    Wow, that is a lot of liquid in the morning. All I can deal with is my one cup of coffee.

    It’s 3pm and I haven’t had lunch yet so I’d better go out in search of some vegetable-ish thing…

  8. Pubsgal Says:

    Doing pretty good today! Got in a swim at lunch (can that be in lieu of a walk, I wonder?). Looking forward to the race tomorrow!!! (Can’t wait to get my hot little hands on that t-shirt! That’s why I’m dragging my sweet self all the way to Alameda to run a 5K at the crack of dawn.😉 ) Whoops…gotta go…7 servings of water is having its intended effect…..

  9. Samantha Says:

    I love to drink water, but if there are other options I tend to choose the other thing. Today wasn’t a good day to start this. I was running late to take the kids to school so I didn’t have time to eat. I had to stay there until 11:30 where I only had 10 minutes to eat a fruit cup and grab a bottle of water. By the time I left the school (3:45) I was famished and grabbed Panda Express. =( Ugh. Tomorrow should be a better day! Glad to hear everyone motivated and doing well.

  10. ernise Says:

    For me, water is a necessity. It helps me to stay focused on not eating things that I shouldn’t. It helps fool me into thinking I’m full as well.

    When I eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies throughout the day, I find that I don’t drink as much water because it is giving me the hydration that I need. Therefore, on some days I drink more or less depending on the type of food that I’m eating.

  11. lavagal Says:

    Ugh! I know I won’t win because I am not trying to recruit anyone and that’s a big ole chunk a points! But i also know I’ll have a personal victory because of the effort being asked of me. The fact that I’m delivering gives me those warm fuzzies inside. Communicating with others within the challenge has been enlightening. Gaining new followers is totally cool! Now I really feel pressured to update my site! GOod luck everyone!

  12. weightlosswiththefabulousfatties Says:

    Wow look at all of you ladies go! Foodie I can’t believe you are doing a 5k in the morning, ROCK ON! You are so inspiring. I am toying with the idea of starting to think about doing a 5k. I will let you know when I actually do think about it in a positive manner. lol
    I love water so not a problem for me and thanks to Angie I am on day 4 of no soda pop YAY! It has been really easy to my surprise. I think my biggest struggle is going to be fruits and veggies. I love them so I don;t know why I never have eaten enough. The plan is to get this in check!
    You better email us a picture of you in your little t-shirt so we can share it on our blog! Good luck tomorrow, I will get out the pom pom’s and cheer you on all the way from here🙂

    P.S. Drink your dang water!

  13. Pubsgal: a swim instead of a walk is VERY impressive!! I just walked TO and FROM the place I got my lunch food! Very excited about tomorrow!! Hope I can find you bc I have to leave right after race.

    Samantha: I know it’s so hard when one is rushed. What happened at Panda Express? They have some good stuff right? DId you get some vegi points there?

    Ernise: you are my water-drinking inspiration.

    Lavagal: you are doing this for YOU, and you will be healthier for it! That’s what it’s all about, ultimately. You are a huge winner just for DOING the challenge.

    Shannon: thanks for stopping by! WOW one of the Fabfatties coming by to cheer us on, how awesome is that!! Shannon, if you do couch-to-5k you will find it is really so do-able. I was amazed. In February I was struggling to run for SIXTY SECONDS and now I am on my 2nd 5k. It really works!

    • weightlosswiththefabulousfatties Says:

      My email won’t open but as of last night you had 7 recruits. Very COOL!
      I will make you a deal. (I am getting a stomach ache as I type this…lol) You email me how to get started and I will do at least 1 5k before my birthday in Sept. Oh my gosh I have lost my mind! See, do you see what an influence you have on me!
      Xo Shannon

  14. jen [@bwJen] Says:

    Awesome post! You inspired me to blog tonight and I was SO not going to blog tonight.

    Check it out!

    peace out,

  15. Mel Says:

    Great job earning some points. I didn’t have great point day for fabfatties yesterday cause to be honest forgot the challenge was beginning. Guess you can see that I need to be part of this challenge cause I am not following my healthy habits! Today I’m off an running with a healthy breakfast, tracking food, commenting on blogs, and doing a good deed. Gotta get going with my fruits and veggies and water too. Have a great day!!!

  16. biz319 Says:

    Great first day! I am glad about the water challenge because I don’t think I drink enough – its easier at work when I have a big mug at my desk, I am not as good over the weekend though!

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