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Back in the Saddle/Water September 19, 2011

I knew that if I didn’t do something FAST to counteract the terror of yesterday that I was going to be in deep trouble. So today I made a plan to swim at Lake Temescal with Lily and my bike friend Mary. It turned out to be a really hot day out so even though we brought our wetsuits we knew we would be broiling, no matter how cold the water.

You can click on the lake picture above to see how it’s set up. There’s the shallow part, which goes to the orange  floaters. Then it drops off and gets really deep (“really” = anything over my head). There’s a lane line where people can do laps way out yonder. That looked kind of nifty from the parking lot.

But my objective today was to get comfortable swimming again. It was to avoid having a panic attack at all costs. So basically what we ended up doing was lots of laps back and forth on the “deeper” side of the orange floaters. It was mostly over my head, but I knew that all I had to do was splash over that rope and I’d be standing up again. Which I really psychologically needed.

The first length was kind of a shocker, it was pretty cold and I could feel my heart racing. But it wasn’t HAMMERING. And I wasn’t having an all out panic. I was tired, and sort of out of breath when I got to the end, but I wasn’t like dying. I did a bunch of laps back and forth and each time it got a little better. The last few times, we did two lengths (back and forth) without stopping. That felt just fine.

I’m feel like I’m taking little baby steps (strokes?). I am back at square one. I’m going to have to build from here. But I  accomplished my goal for today, which was to find my way back to some sort of comfort zone. Next time, we push it just a few feet more. Then a little more. Baby steps.

it's good to have buddies.


9 Responses to “Back in the Saddle/Water”

  1. ChristineZ Says:

    HOORAH! And I giggle. I had to look up the weather in Berkeley/Oakland today, since I left town and don’t know, and was curious about how hot it could be (it was cold yesterday)…it says it was 77F! LOL.

  2. Fantastic. I knew you’d come out okay.

  3. berkeleygal Says:

    Yeah, Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pubsgal Says:

    Oh, yeay!!! Glad this went better for you. Slow & steady will get you there, just like with the bike. So glad you have swim buddies, and what a beautiful location to practice!

    I forgot to tell you about my first attempt at practice with the wet suit. It was Feb ’10, and it was right before the Treeathlon. I had never used a wet suit before, and I got my husband to come over at lunchtime so I could try it out at Parkside, a water park in San Mateo on one of those canals that runs through Foster City and San Mateo. We got there, and it was closed due to contamination! Ew!!!! We really need more public swimming lakes on this side of the bay.

  5. Deborah Says:

    YEAH!!! You are AWESOME!!

  6. quix Says:

    Hoooray! Just keep at it and it will be no big deal in no time.

  7. Wendy Says:

    You are so brave, foodie. What a great role model!

  8. Paula O. Says:

    You are just so full of awesomeness, girl!!!!!!

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