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Calling All Zumba-Phobes!! May 24, 2011

(this is not the Official Fitbloggin’ recap, but a special outtake!)

So it turns out that Zumba had a MAJOR presence at Fitbloggin 2011. There was Zumba booty-shaking class, there were Zumba virtual video machines, there were Zumba instructors and there was Zumba swag.

shakin' it to the virtual Zumba!

I just came home with the Zumba swag.

I’ve been to exactly one Zumba class in my life. It gave my already injured ankle an owie, and i was also intimidated by my extreme klutziness. Even though the music was fun, and watching the extremely hyperkinetic teacher was fun, it was not fun for me to DO.

So I slunk around in the hallway with the anit-Zumba club while everyone else jumped around and shrieked and burned on the average of 750-850 calories during Zumba hour.

the Sitting In the Hall Not Going Into Zumba Club

I’ve been eyeing my little Zumba DVD since getting home though. I have to confess that I snagged a small pile of them from the huge Room of Swag on the final day.

So I have a proposal for y’all out there. If anyone else out there has had a small fascination/big phobia regarding Zumba, this is your chance. To try it out in the privacy and comfort of your own home, knowing that I will be stumbling around and perhaps repeatedly hitting the PAUSE button and going, “Whaa…??”

I’ve got six DVDs to give away!!

And there’s something else going on. Some of you may know that I have this lovely retreat, Stories of the Body, coming up in September. (click here for details) It is my deep desire to fill this space with amazing and wonderful individuals and to build a kind of awesome mini-community like we had at Fitbloggin (only there will be no 5k and no talk of SEO or monetizing).

So, in order to be eligible for the Zumba DVDs, I am asking you to (if you are on Facebook) – RSVP to the event here (yes, no or maybe), and then SHARE it with anybody you think would resonate with such an event.

If you are NOT on Facebook, I am asking you to email people and send them the following link.

Then come back here and leave a comment telling me how many people you’ve shared with. (I mean don’t share with your whole email list, only with people whom it would FIT WITH – this might only mean 3, or 5, or…???) Each “share” is worth a Zumba point.

Top six Zumba-point getters will get a Zumba DVD.

Oh and P.S.! If any of your friends register for the retreat with the code “ZUMBAPHOBIA” they will get $25 off! (same goes for anybody reading this blog post)

Deadline: Wednesday, June 1st! GO!


And the winners are:

  • Merri!
  • Mandy!
  • Mykhelle!
  • Jaemie!
  • June! (from Facebook)
  • Stan! (from Facebook)
Contact me here with your mailing address, and I’ll send the DVDs out this week!

12 Responses to “Calling All Zumba-Phobes!!”

  1. merri Says:

    zumba is fun! i did zumba just TODAY! i rsvp’d no, unfortunately, but i did share the event with everyone on my timeline on fb. which is 415 friends. im not sure which of them in particular would be interested, especially since most of my friends are men, or in other cities, (i think it looks like it’s just for women?) but there might be some SF area women who would like it.

  2. Mandy Says:

    Retreat?? Yes, please! Wish I could go, unfortunately my budget is to tight right now. I’m not on FB, but I sent the link to 7 of my gal pals. I seriously keep watching the zumba ads wanting to give it a try, but once again that darn budget gets in the way.

  3. Mykhelle Says:

    Hi i shared it with 10 people i htink may come or try and come. I might try and com myself. Thanks for sharing this wonderful oportunity with us!

  4. Jaemie Says:

    I’m not a big “class” person, but I would love to try Zumba at home. I almost bought the Wii game, but I didn’t even want to bother with the belt getup they make you wear.

    I am on FB, but I that’s a non-weight loss/fitness zone for me. I did DM the link to one person that might be interested.🙂

  5. terrepruitt Says:

    Is this one of the marketing tools you learned about at Fitbloggin?🙂

  6. shauna Says:

    Darn this LIVING ON THE WRONG CONTINENT stuff! The retreat sounds fabbo🙂

    To all those Zumbaphobes out there… just try it once! It is dance crack for the people… all ages, shapes and sizes made to feel welcome!

  7. Patty Says:

    The non-Zumba gang looks like a pretty fun crowd!🙂

  8. MrsFatass Says:

    I didn’t know this about you and Zumba! Aww. I don’t need to take part in the zumba givaway – I have plenty of Zumba swag already being an instructor – but I love that YOU’RE doing it. Yay!

  9. Mimi Says:

    I borrowed a Zumba dvd from the library and even tried doing it. I didn’t really enjoy it. I’ve given myself permission to not like Zumba🙂

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