Welcome to Pubsgal from An Opposite Life!  The first healthy-blogger friend I ever met.

(….And Possibly Only Applicable to the Opposite Family)

Hi, Foodie McBody fans!  Foodie sent out an invite for guest posters,and I was excited and happy to have the opportunity to write a little something for “Food Food Body Body.”

But, um…what to write?  I wanted it to be something about healthy living, but it seems to me I’m almost too immersed in this blogosphere to have any fresh ideas at the moment.  So I thought, “Why not interview my family, who have been so supportive in my quest for a healthy body and a healthier approach to food?”

First I asked The Things, so named after the mischief-makers in “Cat in the Hat.”  Thing 2, my 6-year-old daughter, was wheedling me to play a board game with her as I was snarfing down some nuts and a little Merlot for dinner.  I interviewed her as she set up Littlest Pet Shop: The Board Game….

Pubsgal: “Do you know what ‘advice’ means?”

Thing 2: “No.”

Pubsgal: “It means ideas for things people need to do.  What advice would you give people for being healthy?”

Thing 2 [after a thoughtful pause to consider]: “Eat healthy foods.”

Pubsgal: “For example…?”

Thing 2: “Don’t pick your nose and put it in your mouth.  Use a tissue.”

(Did I mention that The Things are consummate masters of the non sequitur?)

Pubsgal: “Okay…Anything else?”

Thing 2: “Don’t kiss other people, other than your family.”

Pubsgal: “Why?”

Thing 2: “Because you’ll share germs.”

Well, now.  I guess I won’t have to worry about her for another year or two or hopefully 20….

Thing 1, my eight-year-old son, wandered in from playing outside with a neighbor friend.  Which was just as well, that homemade bicycle ramp was looking kind of rickety….

Pubsgal: “What advice do *you* have for healthy living?”

Thing 1: “Wash your hands always.” (Rich, considering how much we have to coach on this item.)

“And drink good and fresh water.” (Something they fortunately do.  We keep a water dispenser in the fridge and their cups on the counter next to the fridge, so they can self-serve as desired.  They *usually* remember to close the fridge door all the way….)

“And…Oh, Mommy!  Check out these cars I got today…” (I guess toy cars are part of the healthy living formula.  Which translated to more general terms means, “Have an interest or hobby.”)

Pubsgal: “Any more?”

Thing 1: “Always brush your teeth good.  Eat healthy foods.  Not just the food like donuts.  Never eat junk food.”

Pubsgal: “Never?  That sounds kind of extreme.”

(So…we should give up Sunday Donut Day here at Casa des Pubsfolk?)

Thing 1:  “Well, just once in awhile.”

Pubsgal: “What should people do to be happy?”

Thing 1: “Play lots of play.”

[Exit Thing 1, to play with his new Indy cars. Quod erat demonstrandum, indeed!]

Thing 2 [chiming in]: “Play board games together.”

Pubsgal [reaching for the board game spinner]: “Hint taken.”

Thing 2: “Play with your family and friends.  And do chores and…”

Pubsgal [perking up, dreaming of uncluttered floors]: “Oh! Does doing chores make you happy?”

Thing 2: “No.” [Pause to consider this quandary.] “Get all your chores done so you won’t have any more.”

So we finished up our game, and I wandered over to Mr. Handsome-and-Handy, who was just settling into the Man Cave to chillax on the computer.  He worked hard taking care of The Things today: bathed kids, shopped with kids, fed kids, took kids to the park, and supervised the neighborhood bike and scooter session.

Pubsgal: “So I’m writing a guest post for Foodie’s blog today.  What advice do you have for healthy living?”

Mr. H&H: “Get outside.”

Pubsgal: “Anything else?”

Mr. H&H: “Don’t read the news.”

Works for me.  My philosophy?  If it’s really big and important, the news will find me.  Mr. H&H has been feeling rather stressed out lately by following news a little too much.

We then moved on to the “happy living” question.  We made several obvious jokes that I won’t bother repeating here…I then asked the question muchly on my mind lately: “So what do *you* do to get out of a funk?”

[…more winking and nudging…]

Mr. H&H: “Oh!  Hang on.  Close your eyes.”

(What could it be? He was launching something on the web browser last I looked…)

Mr. H&H: “There.  Open them.”

On the screen was Netflix, opened to a “Trailer Park Boys” episode.

There you have it!  You may or may not find *all* of our family tips useful in your own quest for health and happiness, but hopefully they at least gave you a chuckle or two.  They work for us!

Pubsgal & Foodie at See Jane Run, 2009