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Maintaining While Traveling June 29, 2009

This past weekend was a total whirl of travel. My husband and I flew to the other coast for a funeral (his father’s). There was a lot of traveling, a fair amount of socializing/eating, a high degree of emotion, and not a lot of opportunity for exercise. I didn’t exercise on Friday. (travel)  I took a 30-minute walk/run on Saturday and didn’t do anything yesterday.

My eating was OK. It was interesting – it was a combination of good and not great, and I was curious about how it would pan out, scale-wise.

I was in the South, so I had this intense desire for biscuits. We stayed in a hotel that had a free breakfast. There were biscuits. I have pretty much stayed away from most white carbs for months, but I realllllllllly wanted those biscuits. (it was a tossup between biscuits and grits, which I also love) I took a biscuit. Took a bite. It was horrible. Blech! I am proud of myself because I just ate that one bite and then pretty much decided it was SO not worth it. Hooray for mindful eating! I got some fruit instead.

Later, at the post-funeral reception, I was in a high state of emotion. There was a huge spread that had been catered. They had these little ham sandwiches made on cheese biscuits. I had one. It was really, really good – the quality of biscuit was 20x better than the breakfast one. I had a few pieces of cheese and some roasted vegetables and a deviled egg. (all good) I circled around the dessert table, which had huge plates of bite-sized delectable looking things. I circled and circled, like a giant shark. Ultimately I did not eat any desserts, but I did go back and have a second little cheese biscuit sandwich. Two people had spoken to me about having diabetes, and I think that was a helpful little aid for me.

Later on, we went down the street to a restaurant. I had a mojito (are you getting the idea that this is my beverage of this summer?). Then we ordered dinner and I had this amazing chilled pea soup with yogurt and shrimp. Awesome. Also an appetizer plate of grilled asparagus. And a glass of wine.

So that was my weekend, food wise. I woke up this morning to a dream in which all these athletes were there, and everyone was exercising except me. My running buddy M was running really fast and I was having trouble keeping up with her. I was wearing a muumuu. HA.

I was nervous when I got on the scale this morning but it was pretty much where it was when I left last week. So I maintained! This is good! I do feel like I need to exercise in a very big way, but I have to take kids to day camp this morning, and then take myself to work. This evening, then. For sure.

OK, I think this was probably the most boring post I have written yet. But it was an interesting challenge for me -my first week as a maintainer. Trying to balance it all with traveling, being off schedule, out of my environment, in a state of high emotion.  I am recalling that for the last two times that I went away for weekends, I ended up gaining around 2 lbs each time. So, I am pretty much claiming it as a victory.


11 Responses to “Maintaining While Traveling”

  1. ernsie Says:

    Sounds like you used many of the tools you’ve learned in WW. That is key! Using what you learned and making it work for you.

  2. Robin Says:

    Of course you had to get all boring just when I started following your blog…jeez😉

  3. Susan, 1st sorry to hear about your Father-in-law.😦 That is never a good thing.
    You made me hungry talking about all of the food! *SLURP*
    This is a victory you made it through things that most of us, well me. Would say to hell with it I have so many reasons to eat right now!
    Give yourself a pat on the back and a hug for me! BTW you are NEVER boring😉

  4. dfalv38 Says:

    good for you for maintaining on what sounded like a really tough weekend. Traveling and family are food triggers for me, and I find it tough to stay on track when I do either, much less both. It’s great that you found a balance.

  5. mel Says:

    Foodfoodbodybody is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the blog and congrats on your weight loss/muscle gain/general fitness fabulousness. 😉

  6. Suzanne Says:

    I’m so proud of your success. Good for you. The fact that you were mindful in a stressful situation, that you chose flavor over existence, and that you wanted to keep your diabetes in check are all inspirational pieces. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Pubsgal Says:

    Aw, Foodie. I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s father. Condolences to you and your family. Boy, what a tough time to start maintenance…well done!

  8. Fran Says:

    My condolences for the loss of your husbands father. I know how emotional these days can be so I think you did very well with your eating.

    Oh … and the Mojito: jum jum give me sum


  9. MizFit Says:

    OMG love the dream.

    you are exerciseentirelysmitten now.

    and my condolences to you and your husband.

  10. Margie Says:

    This IS a victory, so definitely claim it! And know you that you inspired me🙂 Although it’ll be slow-going until the kids are off to school, I actually dusted off my exercise CDs and PLUGGED ONE IN! I’m going to find a way to keep up, in spite of the crazy schedule.

    Thank you!!!!!

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